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User Review

Lack of fishing! - Reviews Line 6 Echo Park

Good delay pedal with switch "type", "digital" and "analog". This is a stereo pedal, always more fun when it comes to delay. There are quite a nice effect, as the swell, the Sweap ... This is actually the sister of the DL4. The bypass also serves tape tempo. You can press gently to lock it. For the skeptics, there is no risk to extinguish during this manipulation ', you really want it ^ ^
Warning, this pedal is very ugly! Really x)


Setup could not be easier if you know a little delays. We have a mix knob, repetition, rhythm and modulation that is depending on the mode (chorus to tape, the digital modulation, and a kind of "squish" to get close to analog). After there is a lot of effect, but the pedal quickly took charge.


On this point I was a little disappointed. I had read almost as good articles and I found that rehearsals lacked life dynamics. But it is enough to add a booster, and the case must be set ... Otherwise I love the analog with this "gurgling" organic, and there are a lot of different fashion which can be interesting ( rhythm tap tempo function, ping pong, and especially the swell that allows you to save a volume pedal x))


I use it for a week or so, I find rather good effects, but there is still the lack of dynamics in rehearsals that bothers me a bit. After I also have a stereo memory man I prefer for its livelier side, but less effective and therefore less fun!

-Strength (bosses are now pale ...)
-The number of effect
Switch-tape, digital and analog
The tap-tempo
-Value / price

-The rehearsals might be a little more realistic, but the sound is ok
Him, but requires strength weight