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User Review

A horror, but ... - Reviews Line 6 Echo Park

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Simple setup.
No manual and no need ..
Editing sounds can not be easier ...


I use it on my guitar.
The dwell is practical (sometimes!) And very correct, the reverse also (less nearly as beautiful as a Empress, of course). The preset sweep is awesome, I love the gurgling very organic, especially in fashion tape (a little more acute and longer scanning). Otherwise analog modulation is approached with much of the Memory Man (we do not completely heat, or wealth or depth, of course, but it was much more than a tap tempo + 550 + 1 / 3 of OCCAZ price + other possibilities ...). I do not use the digital mode.

Otherwise, if there were an award for the most horrible aesthetics, I think l4echo Park (and the full range Line 6) would win hands down.


Cheap (especially used), great sound, no breath, convenient, easy (in terms of reliability, for the moment ...). RAS Line 6 could still really make an effort to design our way out instead of the horrors of the 80 worthy. If they gave their product aesthetics a bit more "boutique", it could not hurt their sales, on the contrary!

I had Maxon AD-999, AD-80 vintage, Lovepedal Baby Echo, Line 6 DL4, Empress VMSD, Subdecay Echobox, Mad Professor DBD, Boss DM-3, Arion Sad-1 ... I confess look towards a Strymon Brigadier or a Memory Lane Jr., but for now the Echo Park for me, especially for the price, I can buy for my guitar ... Lollar