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The Palmer Roots pedal in Pocket format

If your pedalboard is getting full or if you are a fan of Mini stompboxes, Palmer now offers its Roots effect pedals for guitar in a pocket format.

Seven Palmer Roots pedals are now available in this new Pocket format (60 x 100 x 55mm for less than 500g) and their price has also been reduced under 50€. All the pedals are powered by a 9V battery or external supply.

Here is the list of the Roots Pocket series:

  • Booster: a single knob to adjust the gain and a bypass footswitch ; it is designed to boost the volume for your solos and enhance a saturation effect with more compression. Price: 35€
  • Chorus: with three Speed, Depth and Rate knobs, it can generate various effects ranging from double tracking to 3D effecting and rotary speaker simulation. Price: 49€
  • Analog Delay: a vintage-style effet with three Time (up to 360ms), Rate (number of repeats) and Dry/Wet Mix knobs. Price: 46€
  • Distortion: a modern distortion with lots of gain ; it features three Gain, Tone and Level controls. Price: 35€
  • Flanger: a versatile effect with three Rate, Depth and Mix knobs, for both modern and classic flanges. Price: 49€
  • Overdrive: described as dynamic with a “tube” character, its focuses on moderate to medium gain levels and will take your sound from clean boost to thick overdrive for rock styles. It features three Gain, Tone and Level knobs. Price: 35€
  • Phaser: three Rate, Depth and Resonance for a wide variety of effects. Price: 49€