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TC Electronic introduces the Alter Ego x4

TC Electronic travels back to the good old days of the echo era with the new version of its Alter Ego stompbox.

The Alter Ego x4 Vintage Echo, which is part of the TonePrint Series, offers 12 classic delay effects, TC Electronic partnered again with ProGuitarShop to design the sounds, just like they did for the original Alter Ego.

You’ll find effects inspired from the Binson Echorec, Roland Space Echo, Echoplex, a custom 2290, lo-fi and tape sounds… and can add/beam 4 TonePrint delay presets or your own creations, for the pedal is compatible with the TonePrint Editor software.

Plus, TC Electronic included a 40-second looper which can be enable via a mini-switch.


The Alter Ego x4 is much bigger than the first pedal, with 4 footswitches to activate 3 preset and tap the tempo, or manage the looper when engaged. It also features knobs for the number of repeats, feedback, delay and looper levels. Last, a mini-toggle allows for choosing between three time divisions and mix them when you use two delays.

The Alter Ego x4 offers 1/4” stereo inputs and outputs, an expression pedal input, MIDI DIN In and Thru and a USB port for TonePrint loading and firmware updates/

Last, you can choose between true or relay bypass.

The Alter Ego x4 has a price of $269.95. You’ll find all the details at