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Free Bass Masterclass Bass TonePrints

TC Electronic invited several famous bass players in order to create a free TonePrint pack for bass.

The Bass Masterclass pack includes TonePrints tailored by Gary Willis, Richard Bona, Hadrien Feraud, Carles Benavent, Chris Minh Doky, Janek Gwizdala and Carlos del Puerto. 13 of the 18 available TonePrints are new creations, the five others, made by Chris Minh Doky and Janek Gwizdala, are older TonePrints.

The Bass Masterclass pack cover all the TonePrint pedals (Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb, Vortex Flanger and Shaker Vibrato) as well as the BG250 and BH250 bass amps.

Here is the list of the TonePrints:

  • Gary Willis – ‘Solo Space’ and ‘The Cloud’
  • Richard Bona – ‘BonaFast’, ‘Bonatology’, ‘Shakabu’
  • Hadrien Feraud – ‘Jaco Years’ and ‘Hadrien Chorus’
  • Carles Benavent – 'Vano', 'Hermitage’ and ‘Rhythmical Twin’
  • Carlos Del Puerto – ‘El Coro’, ‘FlangeMe’ and 'Black Beans'
  • Chris Minh Doky – ’The Widener’, ‘The Trail’ and ‘The Solitude’
  • Janek Gwizdala – ‘Family of Rats’ and ‘Sausage and Beer’ 

The pack is available for download from