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[NAMM] 3 New Visual Sound Pedals

Visual Sound introduces 3 new pedal models for 2012

Visual Sound is presenting the V3 Dual Tap Delay's little brother, the V3 Visual Sound Tap Delay.
The new V3 Tap Delay has tone and features of channel 2 of the DTD. Like its big brother, the Tap Delay features a tone control for darkening your echo, and a modulation knob to add a bit of chorus to your repeats. Half the size, all the tone.


Street Price: $169.95

The new Time Bandit from Visual Sound controls your tap tempo delay pedal with a click track, dials it in with a BPM generator, and will work with just about any delay pedal that has an "external tap tempo" jack.  Whether you have the Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay, a Boss DD-5, or one of many other delay pedals, the Time Bandit will allow you to be in sync with a click track without tapping.  If you prefer to dial in the Beats Per Minute, the Time Bandit has a large knob that will allow you to dial it in by hand or foot and see the BPM on the LED display.


Street Price: $99.95
Visual Sound's Pure Tone is now available in a new Custom Shop package. You can put it first in the chain of effects, plug in your input and output cables and a 9V power supply (like the 1 SPOT...), and your guitar will sound like it's plugged directly into your amp with a short cord, the company assures.


Street Price: $49.95


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