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User Review

One of the best delay deals out there - Reviews Wampler Pedals Faux Tape Echo

- Level knob
- Repeats knob
- Tone knob
- Delay knob
- Depth knob
- Modulation switch
- Power LED


This is, for the most part, a straight forward delay pedal. All of the the knobs do what you would probably expect them to do. The only wrench is the Modulation switch and Depth knob. This pedal allows you to emulate the warble of a tape echo with the Modulation switch up. The Depth knob allows you to control the intensity of the modulation. It can go from slightly out of tune flutter to a large saggy dip.


This is one of the better sounding delay pedals that I have come across. The sound is rich and full, but not muddy. With the tone knob, you are assured that you will never get lost in the mix of a band. I'm not sure why more delay pedals don't include a tone knob. Seems like a no brainer.

My only complaint is that slight delay sounds are a little unnatural sounding. I wish they trailed off a little smoother.


I bought this to replace the awful sounding Way Huge Aqua Puss MKII. I was surprised at how great this pedal sounds, especially for the price. Delay pedals can get really expensive and this one is priced in the lower side of the spectrum but can outshine some of the more pricy options.

Honestly, I could not care less about the modulation function, but for the price I found it for used, I could not complain. If I were buying it new I would probably opt for the slightly less expensive Wampler Faux Analog Echo to save a few bucks. I believe they are the same circuit sans modulation. I am sure there are plenty of people who like the feature, I am just not one of them.

Wampler is making some of the best pedals out there right now but for some reason his delay pedals tend to get overlooked. You should not make that same mistake.