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Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion

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Unloved yet

By Before_, 26/11/2014
Distortion with a "turbo" mode, input output jack, everything has been said.


It will be simpler, one seeks the sound we love and Simone car. (Simon or if you are a girl, or whatever)


This is the first effect I bought myself !!!
Yes it can be unloved, I personally have emerged to play on my Engl Screamer. It sends wood! We can if we want to append a SD1 and there was a vicious duel.
Of course it was popularized by Kurt Cobain (and I admit this has influenced my purchase at the time) as his sister DS1 (I hesitate to have to test).
I do not think it sounds synthetic, I've never cheated on her with another pedal (haha it was easy) distortion except family boss, because others do not like them.
Here it is rough around the edges.
Measure out for distortion sounds yucky not overdrive typed by the user against turbo I not use it. I prefer the "lead" as "solo".
Finally, as all effects, do so before test (scratching your amp or even the same).


First effect bought almost 20 years ago!
I wanted to sound like Nirvana (I thought as much, that the effect was enough alone; before discovering the world of music and its intricacies).
In short, I have never sold, it always makes me service and is IN DE STRU CTIBLE.
She took wrinkles (some shots deci beyond) but still holds up.
I always play with, and all the amps I've tried to, I have never been disappointed.
Yes I would do this choice, I would try the DS 1 well too.

Blah blah

By Kountch, 23/11/2014
Everything has already been said in the previous opinion.
Basically it's an analog pedal with 3 settings (tone, volume, gain) and a switch between two modes (I = DS1 colder, II = boost mids).


Easy pedal use, the battery is very easy to change.
The pedal seems fairly robust.


The sound is super synthetic (it seems that it is normal for Made in Taiwan).
Mode II is not workable for me (much too loud): This should be useful to boost solos but it takes an additional footswitch to switch modes when playing.
Live on a clear amp sound is pretty bad (it looks more like a kind of synthetic fuzz): we are very far from the "big" sound typical Nirvana I thought get along with. Oddly rendering is best on a transistor amp on a tube amp.
The use I've found it is a boost Crunch amp or coloring of the distortion of the amp. Indeed, its particular equalizer adds a rather grainy color to her personally pleases me. But I admit that it is a very limited use and that it is not worth buying the pedal.


I bought it used (she had almost never used) for € 35 hoping naively get a "big" sound typical Nirvana ... Needless to say I was disappointed.
The headroom is not as huge as touted by the manufacturer and the sound is very concise.
I must also say that I was getting an amazing idea of ​​Boss pedals (which made me dream as a kid) and I finally was disappointed (the second pedal Boss I own and the second disappointment - I have yet pedals Boss ME 70 I'm very happy). As if everything is a story of personal taste.
The only use I made is to color the distortion of an amp by setting the gain to a quarter or a booster Crunch.
For the price I did not do too bad a deal, but to use that I would choose another brand (and another model) if it again.

a classic.

By -Livingroom-, 13/11/2013
analog distortion with two modes (rather voicings in fact), the second being more medium than the first. The orange distos boss and robust hull format pedal for guitar.


As with its sister the ds-1, we find the same tone settings and gain level, the higher the selector "mode." Nothing to lose, and refining the settings you do get a satisfying sound (but do not worry, if you want an unsatisfactory sound is also very doable!) Station not ouviri pedal too abruptly, the Circuit held in little things, and you quickly end up with a loose connection!


It can range from basic distortion, chemical or biting distortion, we reserve the pedal to the guitar, for the rest I think it will be too sharp and sour. Note that you can add a switch not supplied by bosses to switch from one mode to another (which can act as mediums to boost passages in single notes). For the price it works well we'll say.


I used a lot at the beginning of my discovery of the distortion (my first real pedal anyway! ^ ^) I have tried many others since, rotten, the better, but it is in the middle of ranking, and for the price, there is not much to complain about. 9 years later it still holds up already, for me it's a good extra distortion.

Just great!

By Johnny R, 29/10/2013
What are the effects or types of effects available:
Famous distortion pedal, 2 modes (normal and turbo), analog I think, 6.35 + supply connections. sector.


The general configuration is it simple? yes, 3 knobs and one button settings for nomal mode or turbo.
The manual is clear and sufficient? yes, knowing that there is nothing rocket science ...... little more interesting, there has several schemes which have the pedal can "mark" its settings, it serves as a memory aid sum. Handy.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy? yes, namely between modes I and II are very different sounds, allowing a wide range.


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough? I find the sound just great! I bought this pedal primarily for the sound of Nirvana (I'm a fan). I do not like the sound of the DS-1 against. I was a little afraid that this pedal I can use THAT to play Nirvana, or sounds quite aggressive, but in fact it is very versatile. With humbuckers, it's aggressive, perfect for Grunge, Metal ..... with P90, it can sound very big rock "fat", the sound is "humming" if you see it 'that I' want say ..... not bad lowering the volume of the guitar, have passed on something much softer, like "rock ballad" .... ultimately we get to make it sound as much like a big Disto aggressive than an Overdrive not too far.
Ah yes, I forgot, I use this Disto with Epiphone Les Paul Standard and Les Paul Junior (only P90).


How long have you use it? 3 months

Have you tried many other models before buying it? Not bad, but many were more complicated, especially for midrange control, without being as effective .... I wanted to try the FAMOUS brand Boss, and I must say I am not disappointed!

What is the particular feature you like best and least? The pros: the simplicity of the settings, the build quality (it's Boss), the sonic versatility.
The - I do not like the normal mode, which is similar to the DS-1 .... the sound is too "muffled" and deaf to my taste ..... I almost never use this position.

How would you rate the quality / price? Very good, especially as a lot of other Boss pedals cost more in general.

With experience, you do again this choice? ... Without any hesitation! if only for THE sound of Kurt Cobain! it was my first goal, and mission accomplished!
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