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User Review

Rodito's review - Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Analog distortion pedal high gain
A volume
An equalizer four knobs: high, low, middle and mid freq
A distortion knob


It's pretty simple, and it is interesting to see how the EQ gives its color to the sound. I play thrash and manuals provide options, but personally, I find it more interesting to look yourself.


Well, it does not lack punch and less aggression, this side no complaints. After I think it is each recipe. For my part, I find the sound compressed, nasal, it emits a lot of breath and feedback even at low volume (I recommend using it with a noise gate). It's funny when you're in the room you can make such a feedback, but I guess it's more hassle when the sound is background.
If you want a consistent sound, solid and body, forget this pedal. on the other hand, for fans of the under or over dripping sounds, it will do.


It was one of my first pedals I've used quite a few actually. She never gave me too much more. A twisted knobs and caps out easily. You can always do something, personally I use when I want a dripping sound ominous ... Basically, it seems to me not bad for the black death or under, but for a more consistent sound thrash (Testament, for example) I do not find it terrible.