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User Review

Not For Pussies! - Reviews Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Very strong, fairly well designed, it is a small analog distortion pedal on which much has already been written. Escape of a golden age that we would now gone, that was where the Heavy Metal music purists in search of authenticity and not a business in which the same principles we try to apply that took Skin rap (I find that there is a world of difference between "Fear of a Black Planet" by Public Enemy - how I loved and commercial soup we refile the young But I digress).

MT2 "Metal Zone", then! The least we can say is that the opinions are divided. So here came time for me to take sides.

No, it is not the monster that violence is described: you can actually get caricatured sounds borderline ridiculous but it is not the goal. Stack a tube Hi-Gain pushed tab will always better in terms of aggression (I did not say gain, I said attack!) Which is quite logical considering that it cost twenty times more expensive!
However MT2 allows the guitarist to good taste (for metal and toc) but unfortunately impoverished access to Hi-Gain cheaply. Therefore, in these times it Painkiller, Altar of Sacrifice, The Lions Den and all other gems of our heritage! God created the Heavy Metal and benevolence he thought all purses!

Guitar in, amp out, a power supply plug Boss, the beast can run on 9 volt battery. No true bypass but it is remarkably transparent. 4 knobs, two of which are dual function that makes us 6 settings!
Level, Hi, Low, Mid, Mid Freq, Dist. The latter corresponds to the setting of Gain. The amount of gain that is capable this pedal is simply ridiculous. I played ultra-violent stuff a good part of my life (no, I'm not talking about Fashion-New-Emo Metal girls with rimel and nails all black and pout today, I talking about stuff men!) and I do not see any that may well need such a level of gain! In any case, my DOD DEATH METAL I had in the 90s certainly did not gain much, and yet I feel like humbuckers mounted on a chainsaw when I tried to play with. .. well, never mind.

A variety of groups have achieved excellent albums with the "Swiss Army knife of distortion" (to borrow a phrase from "guigue106") and those who preceded him at BOSS: before 5150 it was not so obvious to fuck a big sound Hi-Gain reasonable volume!


I highly recommend putting all settings to 50% otherwise it could be quite unsettling! The equalizer allows such a variation of the tone that is quickly lost and light years away from her that we had in mind! This makes this pedal rather inaccessible at first, he must grope, and do not forget that the guitar also has settings, so do not hesitate to vary the volume and tone of the latter!

I mainly used with with a Jackson Dinky (Seymour Duncan SH1) An ESP MII (EMG 81) and a Stratocaster (FAT 50), it was fairly respectful of his guitar in all .. . Okay, that is not a Princeton Reverb not eh!


The four-band EQ provides a wide variety of sounds that is a fact. Big sound consistent enough to ice flood of notes with a finger raised, lowered and another two fingers up! Followers of the True Black Metal is here as it happens! Thrashmen from all sides you are also welcome!

Do not listen to the apostles of "ooh it's always the same sound loud!" : Arch is super fake! Good "Hard rocker" which has a minimum of baggage in styles a little pêchus will tell you: "mediums, it is the largest in the Heavy Metal!" (Other sounds also retorts bluesman who I replied "Good! But will see the side of the TS 808 friend, here it is not for you!") Therefore hold that the young gain MT2 100% equalization fucks a "V" and his guitar unresolved branch with rotten on the poor pedal cords that had not asked for anything before addressed to its solid state amp (or worse, modeling!) inevitably gets cold and his final frankly disgusting. It is cruel, especially as each of us deserves a good sound!

So why not lower the gain already 50% up mediums, go easy on the bass and treble, then set all the onions to your liking? Well done, sent to an amplifier whose lamps are highly stressed, here are available to you excellent sound!

Personal note: it also works with women ...

There are more than a little work accuracy and fast you'll end up with a sound fucking killer!

The spectrum covered by this pedal is so broad that it seems to me frankly difficult to identify general characteristics. Mutes can be deaf or very aggressive. Attacks pick can be either too invasive, sometimes rather smooth ... The sound is the time from the edge, sharp, it can pierce the mix with some authority, unlike anything you have to say as nonsense . It will be difficult to have a chubby with his other hand ... Let us therefore directly defects.

The shortcomings of this bug then? Outside its totally unusable Gain 3h past (and personally, I really think this applies to all the knobs, but after all, everyone's tastes!) It lacks dynamics. if so. It has a fairly strong compression and frankly, even setting reasonable gain (10am!) Audio only brighten when decreases (ie when descending because it decreases down to when is a good GV , which may include especially you, Dede! but I digress again) the volume of the guitar (for which we do not need CATi). So we will experience the greatest difficulty in getting a little dirty clear, including with a cut for that guitar ... You will struggle to qualify his game .. That is why it shines guèrepour Vintage rock and blues . The counterpart is that we did not really need to attack with, so that the beginner who has made all his education in the company of the beast is destabilized enough the first time he finds himself on a real amp stuffed with tubes. He finds that it lacks fishing, which is normal since it does not attack! But that's another story ...


MT2 is a good little pedal rather endearing, well built, cheap and fucks a mitigated by the fault of the poor guy who did not understand that his is above all in the fingers, then the reputation guitar, strings, pickups and finally the amp. It is not really versatile, it goes from big at Hard Rock Death Metal, she knows how to do it, but after all it was created for this purpose and it does it very well. She deserves that we spend time on! But that also applies to my FUZZ FACE for a Tube Screamer for an old KLON or a whole lot of good amps! In music we have something for nothing, that's all!

This is already a classic and I think it could ultimately become a legend as some of his ancestors once we have understood that the pedals special emulation Screamo / Fake / Neo / Metal are perfect for styles which they intending, ie .. But do show respect ... anyway!

Ah no, my good lady, it's not a pedal for pussies! But I heartily recommend the young who want to have fun with music that ruffles the hair, smelling of leather and sweat! It will pay for!

Examples of sounds with a Stratocaster equipped with simple!

Accept Princess of the dawn: LEVEL (12) HI (1h) LOW (1h) MIDDLE (12) MID FREQ (1h) DIST (10:30)
King Diamond, Victimized: LEVEL (12) HI (11:30) LOW (1h) MIDDLE (24:30) MID FREQ (11h) DIST (1:30)