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Marshall Drive Master

Distortionfrom the Marshall Effects series

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User Reviews

victhebig's review

By victhebig, 04/07/2006
Marshall pedal, 90 Years


Five knobs: Volume and Drive, three fréq.eq.


I think this pedal has a clear, quite exceptional, but frankly ...
it's too sharp!!

It's an overdrive, or limit it adds warmth to your tube distortion.
I find it anywhere for the guitar,
against the drive by half it worked wonders ... THE LOW!!
Yes, put it between the POD and bass, it rocks


I sold it soon after bought the Shred Master.
No, I do referrer no choice, unless they are several variants of manufacture, and that I came across the wrong ...

2010 NOTE: I have to buy two Drive Master: I find the sound Marshallian, now on a fender and not a gibson! Génialissime pedal, just rich in harmonics and acute, it explodes the bending solo, in the rhythmic crunch! It is almost a JCM800 ... to have, especially in groups!

oasis745's review

By oasis745, 10/02/2006
Overdrive analog, simple as channel amp, bass, middle, treble, gain, volume. A small door to wedge the 9V battery, or you can power the pedal by an AC adapter.


As I said above, the pedal is the channel of a saturated amplifier, so no problem getting started is as easy as used. No need to read the instructions that merely paraphrase the operation of the pedal, so it is a simple utiliser.On her in less than 2 minutes.


Then the careful friends, the severe hard ... The rendering is excellent, and very heels of prs amps lamp. I would not say that the sound is meileur your old amp lamp, but compared to all other distortion pedal transistor, it is really far above, there definitely the top. Even as the beast is not at all ridiculous aced the overdrive light ...


Very good pedals, easy to use and gives a great sound. The only downside is qu'elel no longer manufactured, so if you want it it will look a little bit in the ads, it has to have a big dork who does not understand life and then resells the master drive!

Jdguit's review

By Jdguit, 23/03/2004
Saturation pedals that gives her any marshall amp. Its hot enough.
No light in but one wonders ...


Trs simple to use: you plug and rings. Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Volume are the only rglages perform. Adjustments effective.


Complies with the grain of the guitar. The rglage mediums is effective trs: TRS provides a sound type trash or dig very strong view then compress depending on the type vintage gain DSIR


Purchase it for a super 55's but it is hard to find. The sound is warmer than DS1 (red) BOSS example. Is closer to the SD1 (yellow) with the grain Marshall: What cool: o))

The gain is not as huge as the Metal zone and the better it is frankly more fun I think.

Cool pedal

By iamqman, 18/12/2011

The Marshall Drive Master is a pedal that it's basically a JCM 800 in a box. Marshall is pretty well known for their high gain amplifiers and make 100 W total guitar amps. They aren't well-known for their distortion pedals or any type of pedal for that matter. This is a good idea for someone who has a clean amplifier such as a fender or a Vox and needs that high gain British tonal push.


This is a pretty basic paddle it has five control knobs and it is pretty self explanatory. You have a gain, bass, middle, trebele, and volume control. You have your normal in and out jacks on either side of the panel and this basically takes your normal standard 9 V power supply. That's pretty much it is farce features go.


If you're looking for a pedal that can do that Marshall tone in a box and this is probably given be the pedal that you're going to grab. Marshall does make some newer modern pedals that have a little bit more features than this one, but if you can find this pedal for around $50 or so than I would say grab it if you're looking for that Marshall sound and you have a clean amplifier. These are the pedals that really go well with other effects in your pedal board or rack unit. It's not can overtake you sound like any type of pedal like a fuzz box would do.


You can find these pedals for under $100 or so. However I wouldn't suggest getting this pedal because it doesn't really do anything spectacular. There's a lot of other pedals out there that can do a better high gain sound with a lot more features better total quality and probably a better price. So if you can get this pedal for around 40 or $50 then I would say grab it other than that I would go with the Fulltone OCD pedal or even just a regular old Ibanez tube screamer pedal.
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Marshall Drive Master tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Marshall
  • Model:Drive Master
  • Series:Effects
  • Category:Distortions
  • Added in our database on: 04/19/2004

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