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User Review

flyingfish31's review - Marshall Shred Master

- Distortion pedals (overdrive) is used for leads and rhythm Hard Rock Trash (metallica. ..) and with a good amp!). C'tait a relatively CHRE pedals and, despite an impressive name, I find it rather limited in sonnorits and can not find a "shred" ad, frankly a little deu ...!!! I stay on my hunger ...!!!


-The setup is relatively simple, since I have to put everything back in order to draw qque intressent thing ...!
-Are there any need for a manual ..???


-If we play the "good trash", the sound is nice (sound close to the Marshall Valvestate)
I use it now with an Ibanez RG 140 (trs changed!), A cutomer Lespaul GIBSON, a copy of strata. And have used an Ibanez RG 570.
-The "+" Marshall Sound "transistor" own
-The "--": The limited its available.


I use it for over 10 years!
-The "+": The sound is clean and the case is too strong The "--": limit.
Before, it used a lj'ai BOSS DS1, I had been pretpdale "really" nice and I regret not having purchased the era (I REMEDY ..!), Ibanez TM5 and, even worse than the Marshall, the void and can also ... sent him back to the seller as dry!