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MXR M116 Fullbore Metal

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nikel chrome

By guigue106, 30/09/2014
the effect available? : Depending on the game each
edition? you turn the knobs you test and you feel t ADVISED!
lamp? oO
technology? I would say a former


a turn of the knob there is nothing easier!


efficiency? frankly departing J stays in the background has the "scoop" but actually ca serve me not for my style of music (progressive metal)

I update with lots of stuff:

musciman JP50, Ibanez jpm p3, ibanez jem 7v and other rg 3120 .....

j hooks not scoop too aggressive for my game ....


How long have you use it?
about 1 year

What thing do you like most and least?
the scoop

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
mt2, ds2, Tubeman 2 and other distortion Ina ....

How would you rate the quality / price?
departing a little tank because I wanted THE big sound via the scoop "on" but not impossible to have (too death / black), in the end I am delivered and I have "exploded" the medium (yes I am 10) to have a nice bump and a cozy well with my vai sound. it is clear, precise cutting on a mesa recto say (hey I'm plugged into the clean of a peavey Rockmaster preamp with mxr distortion and go out on guitar rigg with a pair of speakers jbl lsr 2300 monitoring it helps ^^ ) day I frankly all I want and I love this potato straighter and net it gives me the 2 mt seems bland next to, opposite the al Rondat LNA allows me to put me in a register more rock " satrianesque "qand I want to do" simple "

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes twice that a meme, although the noise gate serve me anything (I have a decimator upstream) I find it frankly more interesting than its sister the mt2 that it actually remains bland and "muscle" next to. my config allowed to think that I will play on a true mesa head if I unveiled my not "secret", a very nice surprise when trying to do simple and effective, is more than a test with JP50 to see the grain and rendering with crunch lab and LiquiFire.

great stuff if you have what it takes upstream!

o damn!!!

By ggluzicki, 14/05/2014
then it is a distortion; this there is a noise gate and included a boost.
this is pure analog and hard.

editable: What????

classic pedal jack in, out and power supply


So as they all say it does not like extremes. No knob thoroughly this is the only thing to know her. Otherwise there is a demonic distortion playing around with.

A manual or ca? But as soon as it is really useful for this type of pedal.


Effective, responsive and realistic enough? GRAVE!!!!!!

So I use it with my lag Arkane (micro DiMarzio Super Distortion)

And watch Vantage (upgrade with a seymour duncan distortion Mayem kit)

Hard to find things that I do not like it. After the knobs to the background sound becomes very runny thus avoided.


I've had a month and I just do without. MXR is good.

Yes eyes closed I would do the same choice.

Bluffing ...

By Clem's axe, 29/04/2014
Type Metal distortion pedal (no kidding)

Small, light, with a scoop (which boost here and compresses the sound advantageously) and a noise gate
It is analog and short, it has 6 knobs: Volume, Frequency, Gain, Low, Medium, High

What I was looking, comprehensive, compact and simple.


The manual ... But what manual?

If we know what are the knobs and if we know that we must open the pedal to adjust the noisegate (not practice) bah now ... Ya just plug in!

But takes a little practice to find exactly THE sound.

The noisegate're really breaks sweets set, but when it's done you come back more. Activation as well as the boost can not be foot ... Being a guy with fingers princess I can push it ... But some of my friends with their socks not successful ... End brief c is very small!

I take off points for that but it is not so disturbing that ...


So there nano 1 cm rotation not change a lot of things ... The pedal has a tendency to sound synthetic active if not boost the mids and if you put at noon. Acute bleeding, contrast ... But no panic! A little fiddling we get to a balanced palm mutes its huge ... And that is my foot. The sound may be warm while keeping the edge and dynamism

All distos from punk to death are in this tiny box, the settings are infinite, the pedal a huge gain ... So be sure you like the radical distos!

I use it with a Peavey Bandit 112 and an Ibanez RGA32 ... And wow ... It's broke! I tried the dark matter, the metal muff, the mt2 ... And the MXR outperforms all. Because you can find a specific sound, balanced while all other synthetic sound (especially mt2, which is heavier).

This pedal is the sharp metal distos Swiss Army knife.


I for one and a half years.
Above I could find a sound I was looking and I found nowhere else despite tested models mentioned above.

A 90 € go for it ... She really is. I have no regrets, everything I asked her she did (except cappuccino but ... I have tried).

If you try it do not stop at the first impression is that of coldness when we begin to understand we rediscovered! So for your test, try and explore long, I highly recommend to lovers of big sound!

ringomayo's review

By ringomayo, 20/02/2014
Analog distortion with noise gate and treble booster built. Classic jack connector


Pretty simple to use, even if there's a three equal bands (bass mid treble), a gain knob, one volume, two small buttons to the gate or treble booster


I use a gibson lp trad (classic 57 then). Basically, I am more connected Rock seventies (high gain but with bump in the mids). I also use it with a standard epi lp

I only have my periods and I scratch the metal riff, and I wanted a sound that allows me to get into that field there.

It was made for that and it feels. Big riff and Palm mutes are completely enjoyable with this stuff. Are solo, I kiffe not but I think it's personal

She sends so that ca gain becomes hard to differentiate guitars, but somehow that is what asked. Despite equal, it's still generally a sound V. Logic you tell me.


I've had three months. I think I would do this choice. Verily it serves to make the metal, but it does royally good. If you are looking for versatile, go your way.

I had a DS1 before I sold for this distortion, then a premium mxr classic rock.

Both coexist well on my pedal board, I activate one or the other depending on the mood of the moment! I think I'll keep longtemp
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  • Manufacturer:MXR
  • Model:M116 Fullbore Metal
  • Category:Distortions
  • Added in our database on: 12/03/2009

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News M116 Fullbore Metal

Dunlop FullBore Metal Distortion

Published on 10/14/09
This compact device supposedly "turbocharges your guitar signal with lethal amounts of ultra high gain."

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