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BBE Sonic Stomp Pedal - Reviews BBE Sonic Stomp

This is the Sonic Stomp SS Sonic Maximizer pedal put out by BBE Sound. Basically the Sonic Maximizer effect does one thing and that one thing is it makes your amp go boom.

This pedal has 2 knobs. From left to right they are Lo Contour and Process.

My friend was ranting and raving about this pedal and how great his rig sounded ever since he added this pedal to his setup.

The pedal costs $100 and seems to be a hot item, so I figured worst case if I hate it someone else will want it.

It is easy to use. The footprint is a little bigger than a Boss pedal similar to an EH Big Muff. The pedal is hard wire bypassed which, well I do not really know what that means, but it doesn't suck too much tone from my signal.

BBE includes a power supply. I think it is a standard 9v plug, but hey it is cool they included it.

The magic of this pedal is it scoops your mids, midly compresses and doubles your signal.

This sound really isn't much you can't get with some basic EQ'ing, but it is all in one box and simple to use.

The box is nice, the switch and knobs are sturdy. Looks like it can handle a few nights a week live. The jacks are on the side, so cables run nicely out of it.

If you can't seem to get your sound going live, give this pedal a test drive. It may be just want you need to get your sound to pop.

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