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User Review

Useful but still a little disappointed - Reviews BBE Sonic Stomp

I have the white and red version, I think true bypass.
Two knobs, one that adds bass and the other deals with the effect enhancer.
Led too much blue.
We not take cabbage with this machine.


What I like in this is a bébert ULTRAFEX, wholesale and best signal but only online for the same price ...
As I enhancer bébert the se200 is more varied but does not offer réagustement serious.

So it is quite versatile sonic stomp, used primarily to revive the guitar / effects.

Personally I just put the head tube before MOOER ac monster, the bbe compensates for the lack of punch at low volume (and serious).


The processed sound is downright striking style I removed the quilt front speaker!
The rate of serious we can put is important is to make a royal tube amp (usually always medium to high range).
Clarity enhancer is obvious, difficult to do without after.
As against some mediums suffer from treatment that smoothes not bad.
On MOOER is ideal as they are represented too, in the end it is very balanced. on the other hand on my kustom defender 5h which is more neutral / serious it becomes ugly and lifeless, but this amp is really not as colleagues (V5, valve junior and worse I think the champ600 ...).

The ULTRAFEX offers much more in quality and latitude settings and avoids the cold side and cleared of mediums, for the same price there is no picture for me.


therefore very useful, just avoid to compare with ULTRAFEX (or DUALFEX).
The bbe takes up little space, accepts a direct guitar signal, and really changes your life if you play apartment.

Pay attention to the versions, it seems that the production is not stable / changing patterns every year that I read here and there.