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User Review

nice and original - Reviews Behringer Spectrum Enhancer SE200

I've had a few months, this is an analog type enhancer effect ...
Two buttons, one to the mix effect in the sound and the other for the frequency allocation.
The bypass makes no noise, the LED is too strong as dab.


It's childish, first paste him a quality power supply AC109 style.
Then you put the balance in the middle to choose the frequency with the other button, and then rebalance once found it for good this time.
Past the midpoint of the effect becomes more tough in the fact that the original frequencies are stepped on.


This is nice because the frequency range from low-to medium-medium high, typical guitar. Earnings compared to a beast equalizer is that it blows little if at all, and that the flexibility of its issued is respected, not hardened.

Concretely we can go up to the fixed wah, very convincing. What I prefer is a moderate effect (scale of 8-9 hrs) and a complementary frequency knob of my distortion tone that I set before, allowing many variations.
As the enhancer effect pushes the sound to the forefront, that's your channel solo!

In its clear this is just as nice, it gives much more to look a little flat like an amp or transistor v55bugera ordinary.


Well, I did not used to high volume or in an effects loop for now. Loop in an amp lazy it would be ideal in terms of sound.

Indeed a versatile, easy to adjust on the fly, ridiculous price.
The only reference I have is a EH2 enhancer boss, and it's different in that he simply refresh his base. The Bebert allows him to properly change the basic sound, so it's more guitar effects.
The two are very different, and the boss is unparalleled to revive your sound without changing it (like sonic maximizer bbe actually).

That is, if high volume surprises I will update.