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User Review

Change frequency in one click, very subtle! - Reviews Boss EH-2 Enhancer

This pedal changes the sound frequencies of the guitar to give it more dynamic presence of gloss and depending on the settings made


It has 3 buttons:
- Mix: who can go INV (inverted) or NOR (normal) to boost or cut the signal
- Frequency: choose the frequency that will cut or boost via the Mix knob
- Direction (sensitive) will adjust the sensitivity of previous adjustments
to get an idea of ​​how the program, the manual is very useful, if you have not, do not hesitate to download via the Site Boss, it would be a shame to keep this pedal like an ostrich to a sheet tax ...


Some have said that we have a marine mammal hearing to hear a difference ... I say he should just have a good ear and have not listened to music too loud, too long ..
Because FRANKLY! Must be deaf or have a guitar (or amp) rotten to not hear the difference!
I found this really great pedal. It allows me to enhance certain frequencies (his job) and totally change my sound. I can go from a thick sound, a sound very 60's light just by touching it (provided you have made the right settings)
This allows many combinations if you play between its active pickups and one pedal on one or two of them, it changes completely.
it adds no saturation is not a distortion or overdrive, it just changes the sound by emphasizing frequencies chosen, and vice versa ... a pedal stroke, hop, it was a new sound!


If some find it useless, is that they do not need .. I find it very useful, especially subtle.
I got it for 30 euros in excellent condition (except for the battery connection is oxidized due to a sulfated battery no doubt, and that the former owner has not seen fit to mention ... * cough * but ... in two welds on the circuit board with a new battery holder, it gets better quickly, it's not annoying, especially if you use an adapter)
This pedal is very rare, probably because it was just sold, because few guitarists have really understood what it could be used ... when it is subtle, it takes more effort than Boss DS1 ...
Now, who said rare, does not mean necessarily expensive ... seen that this pedal does not interest many people, those who hope to sell 100 or 150 euro (see notice below) dig your finger in the eye until the blade ... Because in general, an effect which we do not know what it can really give, we will not look at a price defying logic ... the argus is 37 euros (for the moment) so you can find the "easy" (everything is relative) for about 30 euros, and there it's worth a try .. but if you want to get rid ... sell both the same price, otherwise it go away. (Should not take buyers for pigeons anyway ...)
I will not buy I more expensive, especially since I wanted to test out of curiosity because it démangeais me to hear what she could bring me ... and value for money is excellent, I am very happy and I care!