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User Review

lordofmushrooms's review - Boss EH-2 Enhancer

Enhancer is a pedal, ie "enhancer" literally. Boss is a classic (made in Taiwan) with three knobs made from 1990 to 1997 by the Japanese firm.
This pedal adds clarity and dynamic presence to your sound of guitar or bass, which may tend to lose accuracy and brightness when using multiple pedals chain (to be placed so the end of the chain of effects). Nothing to say, it's tough, as usual with Boss.


Operation is very simple: you set the threshold at which the effect is applied with the "sense", then the rate of the effect with "mix" and finally the overall frequency with "freq".
We find very quickly the sound and the manual explains very well how to use the pedal.


At first glance, the pedal does not really seem to have any effect. Play a few times, then cut away. It's amazing! This can be particularly close to an equalizer which could have boosted the treble, although the result is not a beast rising high frequencies.

I recommend especially the use of clean sounds with a guitar (not too much impact on distos me): signal clarity and truly earns the sound takes on a whole new dimension.

With my bass, the sound is much brighter, and slap including gains in precision.


I have a few weeks and I am very happy. I use it mostly with my bass, permanently connected. It is very close to the LMB-3, limiting the function and less. It should however be careful not to push it too thoroughly, in which case the sound becomes a bit boring.
If like me you find it at € 25, please! It's a pedal that does not run the streets and that is really nice.