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User Review

musejul57's review - Boss BF-3 Flanger

Boss flanger pedal very comprehensive deph adjustable, rate, intensity of the effect, ultra flanger mode and gate.
Pedal can be used for bass, it has a low connection.
It seems solid and well made.
ability to synchronize with the Fraser tap tempo function.
Output stereo or mono.


Many adjustments are possible with this pedal ... you can get a rotating, oscillating (phaser), gate, one can also make small effects as the chorus.
This pedal is quite difficult to use so Regleg opportunities are numerous.


I find it hard to get his own, but it just may be the modest hardware I have, I play on a rack and a vortex lag ak 100 ...
I made two effects, a chorus sounds clear (ca rounded sound with a mild swing), and a gate effect which gives the impression to bounce sound.
I find this pedal Assé cold.


I use it for 7 months, as far as I am satisfied but it is ultimately not the effect I use typical "Flanger".
I think its price, even if the beast is complete, a little high.