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User Review

old - Reviews Ibanez FL-301-DX Flanger

Japanese flanger, analog input and output. I supplied batteries, it saves me a lot of trouble ...

silent switch, robust construction of the beautiful time!


the grain is vintage metal in the proper sense, the knobs react like clockwork, the race is even,

This pedal "DX", has its main asset with the knob "swell", I get all sorts of results usable in the genre, as long as we want to take the trouble to push it in all these entrenchments!

Top: the sound is at your fingertips and very accurate

least: breath (discrete) it eats a little low on guitars, mails it is worth it!


it unadorned flange is delicate, subtle and fragrant, mellow and less.

The swell is just huge, Japanese quality


past two years? I took me a while to accept its metallic sound, absent elsewhere, but I bought, worry :) Yours