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User reviews on Guitar Package products

Fender DG8S (Fender - DG-8S Acoustic Pack)

By MGR/charlie, 13/02/2008
Guitar. 47 years. First band was in 1963.
I play Bluegrass Gospel now.

Blue Moon Music, Fayettevile, Arkansas.

Tone. Playability. Projection. Price.


It appears to me to be constructed about like an old Yamaha FG 100.

The solid spruce top is the key.
The back and sides are laminated. Probably Sapele.

For 150 bucks including tax, new strings and setup (very slightly used) I had to take it. I play it every night.

I've had two Martins since '63, and believe it or not, I'm just as satisfied with this. It doesn't have a "butter" tone, nor does it sound like a Taylor, Bourgeois, Collings ..., but for the price it's perfect for me.

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Fender DG8S (Fender - DG-8S Acoustic Pack)

By MGR/Jim K, 18/11/2009
I lost my Gibson guitar in a house fire aproximately 13 years ago. The Gibson was a 1969 arch top acoustic guitar. I missed playing and decided to buy another. I am quite musicly inclined and I am a brass player.

I purchased a Fender DG-8S at a local music store in St. Peters missouri. The sring tech helped me select this model over a few cheaper ones. Price 199.00 This after I searched around and found that it was well worth the money.

It was set up and checked out ready to go when I left the store by the techs. Great sound and good action. Smaller neck on the finger board that will fit my bear paw of a hand. superior face that will outlast the others.

I would have liked to pay less? No hard case. I am still living in the 70's where they all came with a fiber cardboard type case. I did not like the strap that it has in the pack. A little small for an adult I thought.

Solid construction and bracing. rosewood finger board not some painted surface. Nice resonating sound. Very rich sound. I do think the action is every bit as good as I need in an acoustic.

Great value. I could have bought on line and got it a bit cheaper but I would suggest like owning a good car, you need a go to guy and the location has one. This will last and be past on to others and still hold up well. My gibson lasted close to 25 years and sounded better at the end then in the begging. Good guitars made of quality wood just get better with age.

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Stagg SW203SB (Stagg - SW203 P2)

By MGR/ctargia, 09/05/2010
Standard size, sunburst finish, this guitar comes with a gig bag and strings, the bag is a soft case with not to much padding, but this is not an instrument for serious gigging anyway. The strings it comes with are pretty good steel strings.

my girlfriend(Now wife :) ) bought this for me in 2004.

I love this guitar, it plays great and sounds terrific. I have nylon classical strings on it and it sounds great. For anyone who wants a guitar to have around the house and for someone who is just learning this is great. The action and bridge are in the perfect spot to play comfortably. There are no dead notes and the frets are easy to press down on and play accurately.

It is not the best guitar, it will not hold up next to a thousand dollar guitar, but it will stand out against any other guitar in its price range.

Great construction, sturdy and durable, will last a good long time. It has been pretty rare that a string has broke. The tuners are well made and will hold tunnings pretty well.

I can't believe how great this guitar is for the money, a lot of cheaper instruments will fall apart and not play well but this is quite an acceptation.

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Published on 11/12/14
The new Fender FA-300CE pack features an acoustic electric guitar, the Slide portable audio interface and iOS apps.

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