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User Review

Fun little rig. - Reviews Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee Rave Rig

The Epiphone PeeWee package is a great little rig for someone looking for a small and easy to carry around package that has the feel of a Les Paul, at least somewhat anyway. It's basically a half sized Les Paul copy that has the general shape of the bigger models, a 19 fret neck, standard sealed tuners, a wraparound style bridge and a single humbucker pickup wired to one volume control. It's pretty simple, but it's meant to be just a basic instrument for kids just starting or perhaps to take traveling or leave at the office. The half size scale is hard to get used to if you're of normal stature, but that's to be expected. The quality isn't bad, but the guitar does have some tuning issues, especially if you try to tune it down to concert pitch as opposed to up higher. The hardware is decent but not stellar, and the stock pickup really doesn't have any remarkable traits. It comes in a package with a basic little bag, a cable, other accessories and a basic little amp that, while simple, gets the job done. The pair of them work well for a starting rig for kids. I got mine when I was just learning to play at age 4 and it served me well until I got a big bigger and upgraded to a bigger guitar. If you don't mind the tuning issues or cheaper parts, it's not a bad little instrument pack and if you want something that looks like the real deal Les Paul, it's your best bet.