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User Review

Disappointment! - Reviews Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye Les Paul PeeWee Pack

I bought this guitar new for a gift ... well, I'm going to change gift!

So, initially, the idea of ​​a "mini" ZW Bullseye is rather interesting, but upon arrival, I do not understand how "bearded" could have brought his signature on this guitar ... even cheap !

Manufactured in China and sold € 169 accompanied by new mini Marshall MS4, it has many flaws.
Firstly, the button, or small white dots form a sort of spot that can be found in several places.
The tuners are very poor quality and have great game .. Avoid too much rope round!
There are many friezes on the strings ... you have to stretch the strings to the extent possible to make it disappear! Well, it is true that I received with a draft of 9/42, which is strongly discouraged such scrapers small pitch (this is what I have said, a member of the forum, a luthier and different sites!).
So rather than changing shooting, without the oil of lemon on the button, etc ... and it does not change the situation, I decided to return it in good condition!

Once connected, the deception continues, whether clean or OD. Ultimately, I prefer to play the same OD / Disto, it appears less rough. In clean, sound is tight, unspecified or cleanliness. I tested it on a JMP1 + Velocity 120, all on a 2x12.
So it is true, we are not in front of the "true" model Bullseye, certainly, but hey, do not abuse it ... I think there are too many obvious flaws! I pass over the small details, style painting drooling, nut ill-posed, etc ... If it is, this is the series that I fell, I do not know?! Future opinions will enlighten us more ...

I leave this notice by disappointment, not to "break" the guitar or the store that sold me (although! Although this is more my fault than theirs, for them I would not sell such a product !), but also for potential interested to think 2 times before trick!

My rating is 4 out of 10, and it is paid I think ...

Note that I have not tried the small Marshall!