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User Review

"Must stop dreaming .... - Reviews Squier Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Set: Strat SE Special with Squier SP-10

"Must stop dreaming ..." It's not me, it's them who are saying!

Mine is black / white (SSS), purchased alone, it is 2000 (if I understand correctly) and paid € 60 (will not put much more next state).

So I looked for a lease it is information on the body. So the Agathis (a girlfriend to "Agathe Blues") and that is why it is black because this wood is quite irregular. The body appears in three parts, because even black can clearly see the connection ... The paint does not seem terrible to me, there is a place I do not know if it's a drip or a mild shock.
Vibrato I not touch (the stem is peated in, raa system screwing Fender) and the tiny screws that adjust the string height of the bridge claw my hand when I scratched the strings: nice! Seller: "it was settled by a Luthier" are you sure this is not a flutier instead? Or maybe it's the price of cheap!
The Channel I is not very regular, the keys I want to polish them so they are dull, stickers used to mark the boxes you wonder when they will steer.
For pickups I would tell you, I will disassemble anyway. Bo I spend worn strings and knobs that crachotent a chouilla is not nef either.

For the rest I wanted alder or ash, even on a Squier Agathis Gave it! Okay this is lighter but as my next tour is not expected before 2030, I have time to change. And I already have a guitar input-end Agathis is something else finish level! It's a Whale ST (like Ibanez) made in Indonesia from the same period (see my article on this model on this site). In addition to the handle on the Squier is much less pleasant, the other is a Highway.

After her: At least I change the strings, then I'm biased. Then I lent my SRV, Clapton and my my Gilmour is being repaired, so I nothing to compare ... If she seems to have a good sustain.

In short, as there is a first time for everything is a beginner guitar. If I were to buy this new thing (which I would not do), I lorgnerai the side of the competition too. Oh yes that's right it says Fender somewhere small on the head !!