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MXR M101 Phase 90

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This too

By SmokingBirds, 03/11/2014
Mxr Phase 90 in blah.


Config ultra simple, single knob, the more you turn over the phase time is shortened to reach the end of the race well trippy sounds.


For me it eats too phaser frequency and suddenly out of the mix too. I seem to hear the phase, and the instrument. So I used it only for very psyche passages coupled with my delay, and I must say that in these cases, it sounded pretty good.
I used it mainly with a strat.


I used it for years, I had before this one, the boss stage in which I found really crappy (I do not like the boss). The mxr was very nice but as I said before, this too when she was engaged. So I sold to buy 45 vintage phase release, and there I found my happiness.
The value for money is good, but I will not repeat that choice because it's not my type of phase.

stage you want

By Lenain De Jardin, 26/03/2014
A metal model that seems indestructible! with a single knob control (speed)! Feed in a 9v battery or adapter! I personally took the option adapter because in mxr that you must change the battery should not be forgotten but the battery must also be thought of screwdriver!! This is a analomagique effect.


No need to book! There is only one knob locks and then you turn until you find the desired effect. Too easy!


So here we go a bit above! Not only the sonic possibilities are rich and varied. This characteristic is due to the fact that can be used equally well on funk, reggae but also to dress a distortion or overdrive (go and listen to Van Halen or Johnny Winter) or a pack or picking arpeggios!
Second bullet very specific grain mxr Phase 90 with the sound mxr some hate but I personally love! But switched to 0, the pedal delivers a background crunch or overdrive (I do not know too) that blurs some listening and other delights! In short, I have the impression that either love or hate it! Finally around me my musical partners seem to unanimously love! Nevertheless, there is no secret: it a try!


I have mine since January 2013 and I did not change against another!
This is not the effect that I use the most but it is one that brings little more there or necessary!
The only references on the subject I had previously were phasers cranksets (Vox ToneLab, korg and line 6) which are totally wiped out by the stage 90! I use a Gibson SG voodoo on a Peavey Bandit 112 and a few other pedals.

I love!

By Linn Sondek, 29/04/2013
Analog phasing effect.


A single knob that controls both the amount and speed of the effect.


See below.
Used Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.


I have owned this pedal at the end of 80 years 70/début and then stopped playing, I am separated. Back to the electric guitar, I investissai a Cyber ​​Deluxe that sailed all the effects that seemed necessary. But now, after some time I could not go digital! Cyber ​​Deluxe farewell and hello to a series of MXR pedals and EH I have since largely complete.
After listening to many tests phasing, the MXR Phase90 is new and quite naturally imposed as absolute choice. There are more than thirty years, this pedal seemed superior to all others. And I still do!
The wealth effect is impressive and the only knob is more than enough to find the desired color. Again, the digital analog drives giving that extra something that it is definitely clean.
What does this phasing, this is not just a sound and a unique color but also the history of Rock 70s. This is of course no coincidence that the greatest use ...
The construction provides ruggedness: MXR pedals are made to last. The switch is a total comfort and, above all, completely silent. No breath or any parasite either with a battery or an external power supply noise. Sublime effect in a case of small and robust dimension: what more?
Of course, Reissue model is superior at all levels, not least because it does not take this lightly clean the M101 saturation but actually also part of its charm.
I have four phasing MXR and love them all. Having bought, well after the 74 Reissue version has not made me want to sell this "classic" model. And this time, I swear: I will keep forever!

THE Phaser

By fcalas, 02/12/2012
1 button, and voila. Enough said. Color is announced ... it's good, it's orange. Indestructible case, the jacks can withstand connections wild switch, LED and ... SOUND


It can not be simpler, with a single speed setting, it works with all the blows. For indeed, we do not change the sound of a Phase 90, it is not useful because it is THE MXR Phase 90.


If you love small bitonios changing color effect, its depth, scanning, then you must go his way. We are in the presence of one of the best phaser in the world, and the sound is ready to eat. Guys like me who choose the phase 90 is to be sure the sound without fuss or anything, it's that we heard from Johnny winter or in Van Halen, a very characteristic.
I tried the boss and EHX, I found cold and soulless (this is my personal opinion of course)


I day I started the adventure "pedals and co", this was the first I bought it because for me, it was my phaser. It is true that I do not use it all the time and all my songs, but when it lights, the music sublime ...
Excellent value for money at less than € 100 Guitarshop in Bordeaux (33). I bought 2 times, since the first is my son who has bitten me.
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  • Model:M101 Phase 90
  • Series:Phase 90
  • Category:Phasers for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 05/15/2006

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