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METAL (but not only) - Reviews Hufschmid Guitars Iron Mask

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
This is the first Hufschmid metal pick, made from a Zinc-based alloy, ERGO shape (square top, pointy bottom, as you can see in the pictures bellow). 2mm thick, plus a nice 3D logo, which doesn’t annoy at all, improving the general grip. The pick is beautiful, with an elegant finish and a hand-polished point. It is quite bigger than a standard Dunlop (see picture) but doesn’t feel huge in the hand.

The shape may surprise at first glance, but it is actually very ergonomic : the large surface allows any kind of grip (academic, three fingers…). Without being heavy, it has a great presence in the hand, and the angles prevent it from spinning, which is much appreciated.

You know a metal pick won’t fit anyone : the material is unbending, it has a really bright and powerful attack… You can feel like you are fighting it! But I got used very fast to this one, it requires less effort in the right hand, allowing some rest to the whole arm. The metallic attack adds a characteristic “twang“ that is able to unleash any flat sounding guitar! After some days of intensive use, it starts to bevel nicely according to your attack angle, and the comfort instantly increases. Remember that metal requires some use to get comfortable, but it gives it a unique feel. You can see those bevels on my personal pick bellow.

The metal guitarist will obviously like it if he is looking for more power and some brightness to cut through the mix, but this pick can also make wonders for country music, as well as funk, or with any musician, guitarist or bassist, willing to explore.

I made a short video where I play it with a Hufschmid headless guitar :

Since 2009, Patrick Hufschmid has been proposing hand made picks, which are mostly made of highest quality plastic materials (space-grade acrylic, UHMWPE, polysulfone, etc.), coming in different shapes to fit anyone’s tastes, and rather thick (3mm to 10mm) in order to reduce the right hand tenses, for a better playability.

You can find clear descriptions on the dedicated website :

As a musician, I play in many different esthetic fields (metal, pop, jazz, rock, funk…). I use a lot of different pick shapes, thicknesses, points, materials… But for my personal comfort, I never go over 2,5mm. I have always loved the sounds you can get with a metal pick, so I was more than enthusiast when I heard about this one!

The price might seem a little high, but it is a very solid, sturdy and time proof tool, while being also very beautiful, and opening new sonic possibilities. Very happy with it.
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