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[Getting started] The Top Guitar Pickup Brands

The Top Guitar Pickup Brands
Electromagnetic transducers play a crucial role in the sound of a guitar player and many of us like to change the original pickups on our guitars. Here are the results of a survey we ran some time ago asking our readers to vote for their favorite pickup brands.

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I read the list with interest I was wondering what or where TV Jones Classics might fit it
You have a lot of Acoustic/electric readers out here. Was hoping for some info on Fishman, Baggs etc
Have tried about every Sound hole pickup and NONE to date sound natural without humungus EQ'ing
Real mic pickups cause feedback at a higher range that I would desire. Am always looking for what one finds that really works! So far to date, everything I have tried has just been another "MOUSE TRAP" and not really the Holy Graille. Closest is the pickup in the better Ovation guitar with single individual coils under each string. They seem to record best with the most ease directly into a recorder just using tone and phase that is available on the guitar. Taylor, Martin & Gibson using everyone all over the map. Nothing consistent yet.
Don't mean to offend anyone on their favorite brand but I have them all and Ovation still the king. So what do I put in my Gibson Custom j45 to replace the Baggs under saddle with only volume control? What have you guys found that WORKS? Thanks
You missed probably the best lesser known boutique pickup in the world:

Vintage Vibe Guitar Pickups by Pete Biltoft.

Pete Biltoft hand-builds exremely high quality pickups. There are two unique things about his pickups:

First, he is the most approachable pickup builder I know. Pete answers his. own phone. His best characteristic: he will talk with you until he knows exactly what kind of sound you want from your pickup, and exactly what configuration you want. And he can make any style of pickup you want, single coil, humbucker, or even a Charlie Christian looking and sounding pickup. (The CCRider - the Charlie Christian looking pickup - can be custom wound with 38 gauge wire which will give you nearly a dead-on Charlie Christian jazz sound.) Then he will make the pickup. I had almost a dozen and a half electric guitars. When I got my Pete Biltoft Vintage Vibe pickups, I was so pleased with the sound that I sold all my other electrics and the Biltoft-equipped guitar is the only one I use now.

A unique feature of Vintage Vibe pickups is interchangeable bar magnets. Pete Biltoft's guitar pickups have a magnet mounting system that allows the owner to change magnets with just a screwdriver, in about 15 seconds. Alnico 2, 3, 5, and ceramic magnet sets are available, and Pete Biltoft includes two sets of magnets, your choice, with each pickup.

And the Vintage Vibe guitar pickups actually have a slightly lower cost than most custom made boutique guitar pickups.

You can see why I like Pete Biltoft Vintage Vibe pickups!
Wow, they seem like very cool pickups. Not too many companies offer that level of customization. Thanks for the info!
Some great manufacturers here, but you missed another great one, TVJones, make some very nice humbucker and P90 replacements like the Supertron, Powertron (plus). I came across them because I want to replace my P90s in my Gibson LP with something that sounds more like a humbucker and without all the hum associated with P90s. The Supertron is kind of like a cross between a P90 and a Humbucker with the best of both worlds. Well worth a look.
I think nothing is more versatile and overall good for a working musicians than a set of Bardens (now called JBE Pickups).

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