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User reviews on Guitar Power Attenuator products

moosers's review (Weber - Mass)

By moosers, 12/04/2010
The Weber MASS (Mobility Analog System Simulator) is an attenuator designed for use with electric guitar amplifiers. It should be used with tube based amplifiers, as it allows you to use a tube amp at full power without needing to have the volume at full blast. As you can imagine, this is useful in all sorts of different situations. Having an attenuator like the MASS is primarily something that will be used in the studio, but is definitely helpful for a live show as well. I however have only used it in the recording studio in tandem with a Fender amplifier head. Nothing can beat the sound of a Fender tube amp when cranked at full power, so having this in the line to do so while not having to have the volume up all the way is a beautiful thing. The version of the MASS that I used was a different one than in the picture above, and it was the 100 watt model. The MASS comes in a few different watt sizes, including 50 watt and 25 watts for using this type of thing with a smaller amp. Beyond the wattage, I don't think there is a difference between the modes. As far as parameters go, the MASS has knobs for bass, middle, treble, and volume, as well as those for impedance and speaker volume. It also has switches for tone bypass, a treble booster, and to choose between either a high or low range. AS you can probably tell, the MASS allows for a good amount of control over your sound beyond what your amplifier will give you, which is always nice. It goes right in between your amp head and your speaker or can be used with a combo amp as well. I've only really used one other type of attenuator like this, which is the more expensive THD Hot Plate (the 8 ohms version). Although the THD Hot Plate is a great product as well, I'd recommend going with the Weber MASS based on price alone, as they really do the same thing and there is a significant difference in price. I don't even think that the THD Hot Plate is overpriced, I just think you're getting a great deal with the MASS...

bbhack's review (Weber - Mini Mass 25W)

By bbhack, 09/05/2009
This is a attnuateur available in 25 or 50W based on technology "speaker motor". Basically it is to disperse the power excdent in the Balanant on a mini HP (silent) the inside of the case.

The attnuateur has a slecteur Impedance of 8.16 or 4 ohms, a bypass switch, a treble booster to compensate for acute when attnuation and a volume knob with which the dose amount of attnuation.

To the rear there is a division between on which HP amp output, an output "balanced line out" and an output to HP.

The case can be used as loadbox to bed / record via the line-out.

Manufacturing is artisanalle and very flavou inside. All for $ 75 excluding postage & Customs is ~ 110 with all expenses included. Brief characteristics in this case had everything to please me.

Once this branch is another story ....

Let's say attnuateur normment low food! It's really impressive, it looks like a filter! In short, no chance of finding a sound that approaches your amp without attnuation. The sound is not ugly so far, it's just very very diffrent from what I expected and obtain sorely lacking serious, posing problem to me ...

Regarding the line-out, it's not bad but not exceptional being. In the clear rendering is more than correct. Ds when it goes through a distortion pedal / Od, re belotte, the sound becomes quite diffrent from what is expected ....

Conclusion: big disappointment! See anything other attnuateurs a little more upscale. The only other attnuateur I know is the Koch LB120. LB actually costing nearly 4x more expensive, but at least it was worth the money.

The MiniMass can dpanner, but really too plays in the same yard ....

Anonyme's review (Marshall - PB100 Power Brake)

By Anonyme, 21/07/2004
Features (7/10)

Come on, a shot tlachat ... What is so ???

The only product Marshall useful!

This is a volume reducer in power amp output.
A between two outputs (8 and 16 ohms). A knob from 0 -33 dB. But it is mono.

Using (10/10)

Use of simpler and more videntes!
This small boiboite (4kg all the same) connects between the speaker output of an amp and HP (or cabinet) himself, and helps push the volume of the amp for donf a wonderful natural compression or a crunch of the power amp, without ruining the eardrum, since reduces the volume after the amp (is that clear?). It transforms electrical energy ... (?) ... HP heat output ... ... but we do not feel.

Sonorits (7/10)

Fabulous when you have a 100 watt amp 9m in his studio and neighbors ... old!
It was almost the sound of death that is paid in repeats without the volume! It could color the sound. Certainly. Like any powersoak my view, since dj HP do not work like they grate a full charge. But not go wrong!

I had found really compelling about the section of a JCM900 molassonne low volume, has had some woke up the bousin (and upstream, it rcuprait a Engl 530). In short, this is the only time when this amp Tone but I digress.

Overall Opinion (7/10)

Simply indispensable when you have a tube amp that is expressed only when the master is background.

The problem, thank you Marshall, is that it is mono. So if you have a stro amp, must buy 2 ... and not far from the track ... 400 (200 in secondhand approximately).

But frankly, pushing his amp (lamps, huh!) 8 and not have ears bleeding, was well worth the small concessions, right?

Small 7/13/03 addition: since the power tubes working full throttle, it lcheront faster than if you play low volume without the Power Brake. And we did not sound 100% rpt '/ live, as HP, themselves, they do not work a lot. But good, conomise the bowls. And we have something for nothing!

Added 21/07/04: I come out of the closet this notice demand some nice nostalgic Afiens
Incidentally, I am dbarrass me when I finally had a real and most excellent poweramp, Mesa 2:90. And now that I ironed a head (Engl Powerball), I feel I'll get back to power soak, as the Engl power section only takes intressante dynamics when pushed a But little I know, I rather lorgnerai ct of the Weber Mass now.

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