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Small Box With Big Reverb Choices

By jefferyfreelance, 02/05/2015
There are three things I look for in a pedal, besides the sound it makes, and they are: size, flexibility, and simple controls. The Hall of Fame Reverb by TC Electronic has checks by all those boxes, and it sounds really good, too.

It is housed in a small rugged enclosure that is only 3.5” x 5”, which is great for saving space. It has ten different reverbs available plus a spot for a TonePrint. If you do not know what TonePrint is, it is a way to custom tune the pedal. There are plenty of TonePrints available, plus with the TonePrint Editor you can make your own versions of the different reverb types. Finally, there are only four knobs to dial in your desired sound, they are: decay, tone, fx level, and type, plus a mini-switch to go between long and short pre-delay. So simple even I can navigate those controls without too much fuss. The tone knob works very well to make adjustments that can help dial in your sound.

I thought the pedal sounded better than the Boss RV-5, and was more versatile than the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail. The e-pedals on my iStomp did not have as many choices for reverb sounds as the Hall of Fame has preloaded. I also had a need for a gated reverb that was not available on the Holy Grail and iStomp. The TonePrint aspect of the Hall of Fame was really the deciding factor. The TonePrint Editor is fun to mess around with, but I haven’t made anything better than what I have heard from the professionals.

The Hall of Fame is not a perfect pedal, but my problems with it are pretty minor. I wish it had more slots for TonePrints, I like those sounds much better than some of the preloaded reverb types. Although it is an option, do not run this pedal on batteries. It will eat through a 9-volt in a little over an hour. This pedal is a bit of an overkill for what I use it for in my rig. It isn’t even on my pedalboard, but sits on my amp head. I thought I would be switching through the different reverb types throughout the set, but I pretty much set and forget. I adjust the settings at sound check, then leave it on until tear down. I probably should have bought the mini version of the pedal, but I think that might be too dumbed down with the one knob control.

As a pedal in a live situation, it works really well. I believe it shines a bit more as studio/recording tool. Being able to change the TonePrint as you want would be fun, and allow to create some very unique sounds. The reverb effect leaves the core of your tone alone, and adds the lushness of reverb very organically. I like the “Room” type of reverb best, but I think it captures the other types very well, too.

This is a very good pedal with a couple of minor glitches. The Strymon Big Sky may be more versatile, but for the price point the Hall of Fame is an excellent purchase. Depending on how you use it you may want to get the mini version of the pedal, but I worry that you lose too many features that make this pedal shine.

Probably very good

By JLDavid, 17/07/2014
Reverb-only, many types, including a configurable or "downloadable" in the "Footprint" label


Configuration very simple pedal. Loading a Footprint too. on the other hand, edit your own preset Footprint is a bit more sporty.


It looks good, according to all the other reviews. Why is there so much used on the other hand?


I, also, bought used via AF. I plugged in, I looked at the system Footprints and I tried some and I made the rounds of all the reverbs, turned the knobs, disconnected, returned to its box, relisting AF, and sold a few days later. An hour clock.
I'm not saying it's a bad pedal, moreover no one would believe me. But I like program-reaching effects and there - apart from the single Footprint - I realized that it was very limited and I will not bore quickly.
However, if you do not have the same disease as me, rather hold account other reviews of this topic.
(I take this opportunity to express my amazement at the culmination of the site Audiofanzine Everything is, everything is easy, great job guys. Never let go of us!)

Very good reverb pedal!

By gromeul, 25/02/2014
See previous descriptions ;-) ...


The setup is simple, a potentiometer = a function, many effects covering a broad range of reverbs of all kinds, using the app on computer via USB or smartphone / tablet via microphones guitar ... (Eh, yes!), you can tweak the settings, add a chorus plus reverb.
Pedal pressed, it selects Toneprint it "clicks" on "Send" by placing the speaker on the side of the smartphone microphone guitar is based, some ultrasound later it is in memory! TC Electronic hat!
The manual is missing from the box, but available on the TC Electronic website, it avoids consuming paper unnecessarily!


The sound is, to my taste, very successful, there are always 2 different settings, simply select the reverb (potentiometers keeping the setting in memory).
I love the presets "Church", "Platform", "Hall" and "Spring".
Plugged into the effects loop of my guitar amp at the end of string.


Purchased used, received today, installed in my rig it will not leave, this pedal is very well thought out!
The big "+" is the Toneprint which allows for provision of a range of different settings that can be sent into the pedal via a smartphone (it works fine with my iPhone) live by example (it takes 5 sec.).
A very good clever product!

very good value for money

By CT-64140, 18/12/2013
See opinion very comprehensive lurker # 1 (thank you!)


Ultra-simple setup! as rightly said Reverend in his opinion, even a guitarist will reach the set! :-) )

The manual is clear if one has the internet for download. TCelectronic a sticker comes with the pedal, but not the manual! This should be cheaper and it's a little pub. For those who wish to free advertising for TC to thank them not providing a manual, I will gladly give in them my sticker!

A review of this site indicates that you can not store custom preset. In fact, you can make one and store it in the selection TonePrint types of reverb. It should be edited and "inject" into the pedal from the software "TonePrint Editor" (free and works on PCs or Macs, and I think tablet) which also allows very complete settings. This preset then remains permanently until there is not replaced by another. Note that we can, from a mobile phone, "inject" into the pedal, while its selector is "Toneprint" settings (more or less interesting) "prefabricated" and donated by TC electronic. Some find this gadget, others not ... Say it is used at home or in repeated, but, in my opinion, not on stage. Personal presets can not (a priori ... but check) to be "injected" into the pedal by means of telephone, why the TonePrint Editor and a computer or tablet software seem indispensable.


Overall, the effects seem very successful.

For my part, for reasons of taste, I use mainly 2: Hall and Church.

I do not like the reverb Mod Type: the effect of modulation added (not adjustable directly on the pedal) seems too strong for my taste - but a "Tone print" staff stored in the pedal overcomes the thing .

It is in judgments of taste.

Contrary to what I read in a review below, the tone control seemed effective, its effectiveness probably depends on many factors: microphones (and knobs, and possibly active electronic) instrument, amp , type of connection (serial or parallel), pedal position in the chain of effects and internal selection pedal "true bye-pass" or not, etc ...

This is, in my opinion, a clean reverb! precisely controllable and adjustable. Its range of possibilities must meet the needs of most musicians who do not want to € 400 in a pedal probably better - but not much more. In any case, I think the Hall of Fame does not have to blush before its more expensive sisters!

Used on 3 different amps: Laney Cub 12R, Egnater Rebel 112 and Combo Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 combo, either in series or in parallel, I was very satisfied with this Hall of Fame ...


I use it for more than a month and I quite "peeled" from every angle.

I have not tried other models''. I relied on the satisfaction that I have a TC electronic M-One XL that my sound team.

The +:
- Easy!
- Quality and purity of sound!
- Price / quality ratio
- Low profile in a pedal
- Opportunity with a switch inside the pedal to select or deselect the "bypass" mode and "kill dry"
- Pre-delay selector (called so prosaic, pre-delay allows the reverb to snap a little after the emission of sound that keeps the note attack and clarifies the game )
- For lovers of studio: Stereo
- Seems to behave on different amps as well as a long chain of pedals that I imposed.

The -:
- No power supply
- No printed manual (technicality rather referred here to the principle, even a guitarist will come out without a manual for the principle yes-because TC electronic does not provide, for example, manual with his Nova!! Modulator in my opinion unusable as-is)

The value for money? Excellent in my opinion.

A pedal that is not destructive and very excellent from this viewpoint. If I did not have a reverb pedal, this is the one I would buy!
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