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User Review

Very good reverb pedal! - Reviews TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

See previous descriptions ;-) ...


The setup is simple, a potentiometer = a function, many effects covering a broad range of reverbs of all kinds, using the app on computer via USB or smartphone / tablet via microphones guitar ... (Eh, yes!), you can tweak the settings, add a chorus plus reverb.
Pedal pressed, it selects Toneprint it "clicks" on "Send" by placing the speaker on the side of the smartphone microphone guitar is based, some ultrasound later it is in memory! TC Electronic hat!
The manual is missing from the box, but available on the TC Electronic website, it avoids consuming paper unnecessarily!


The sound is, to my taste, very successful, there are always 2 different settings, simply select the reverb (potentiometers keeping the setting in memory).
I love the presets "Church", "Platform", "Hall" and "Spring".
Plugged into the effects loop of my guitar amp at the end of string.


Purchased used, received today, installed in my rig it will not leave, this pedal is very well thought out!
The big "+" is the Toneprint which allows for provision of a range of different settings that can be sent into the pedal via a smartphone (it works fine with my iPhone) live by example (it takes 5 sec.).
A very good clever product!