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User Review

Reverb, but not that! - Reviews TC Electronic Trinity

The last TC Electronic reverb, heir to the Hall of Fame and scheduled for limited edition ultra finally available to all.
This is a digital effect who gets the most famous reverb and Deputy tois additional functions: Ethereal and Toneprint modes.
Pedal to stereo, USB plug to connect.


A very simple config, a knob to choose its reverb, two settings, a mix, a toggle switch a little more mysterious, a footswitch, nothing tiring for both neurons!
The edition of the effect is possible via a computer and the free software Toneprint not yet had time to try.
The manual is very clear, but you have to download on the manufacturer's website .... Damage, as well as some details deserve attention.


This is a digital pedal, I prefer the clear, sil it is warm, it will sound less organic hair a real spring for example!
The level settings it will also take a little finesse to not drown the signal, just to give a natural look of course!
Like its modes Ethereal, she has a second personality testing.
The first sends you a cathedral choir, the ethereal possible, endless sustain, what divine create layers while the second you balance this quite a rotor effect. Great for a well crossed her! The Toneprint mode allows you to parameterize the effect yourself, not tried yet. Finally, when you turn the knobs to the bottom, you also switch to the madness, but according to your style, it's still very usable.


In service for a week now, still in the settings.
Well finished, class, good connectivity.
Great potential, it is a pedal that can be discreet, or otherwise causing the reverb in front, even surpasses the simple effect and offers something very different.
Very inspiring (or infuriating, depending).