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User Review

Basic but worth the money - Reviews Peavey Marvel Punisher Leather Guitar Strap

Value For Money : Correct
Leather Strap distributed by Peavey, part of the Marvel collection: there are different models look more or less teens. The characteristics of the series appear to be the same, regardless of the figure.

About Model "Punisher", the metal is visual rather successful. The pattern has two halves skulls in stylized graphics and gore at a time (splinters, bullet): one white and one, larger, gray. In fact, the contrast with the black strap that is poorly distinguished gray design ... so we see mostly white skull, it is a shame.

In the back (in the middle) logos "Peavey" and "Marvel" written in white are a little big for my taste and a bit too visible. But some may appreciate clearly show references.

The quality of the leather is good, quite thick in the main part and thinner in the small piece that allows you to adjust the length. The flip side is suede, so it's slip and it offers good comfort, especially the strap is wide enough to distribute the weight on the shoulder.

Unpacking, the illustrated Surface reveals some slight fold marks that appear gradually disappear with use. They would still be better to introduce rolled rather than folded accordion strap, it would avoid this (small) inconvenience!

The total length is however a fair bit: by adjusting the strap longer, they never play with the guitar on the leg (yes, I know, this is not the best position, but they are people who prefer to twist wrist and adopt fingerings for the lumberjack look ...): we therefore, the longer the guitar on the stomach, "standard" position neither too high nor too low.

The shorter, the instrument can be quite high in the armpit (bassists friends, hello!) But only if the insert button strap on the guitar in the first two holes. We can then play comfortably and - for those who love, of course - but with two drawbacks:
- We are left with a few inches of leather dangling since we did not use the last hole of the belt (y'en that you do not mind, but as knowledge);
- More annoying: the strap is shortened, the pattern "Punisher" is positioned higher and, hence, face, we do not see more: white death's head (the most visible, so) is found at the top of shoulder ... it will undoubtedly potential spectators placed on the ceiling of benefit, but the benefit of this strap based mainly on the visual, it is a bit silly.

In short, we have a pretty good strap, original design but seem a little short for some. To be selected taking into account its way to wear his bass or guitar, then.
That said, for just € 18, there's no hesitation: it's well worth it and you can change its look a bit from time to time if you prefer not to use main strap.
Style lovers, treat yourself!