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User Review

Excellent "standard" - Reviews Gibson Brite Wires Electric Strings Set

Value For Money : Excellent
These ropes fitted original LP Standard, Traditional, Studio etc ... and of course, the SG equivalent.
Gibson offers other games ropes, pure nickel, such as "VR" (for Vintage Reissue, found on all Rx) or Les Paul Signature (rather expensive in comparison).
The Brite Wires give a homogeneous, dynamic and balanced with a certain brightness that can seduce her. In comparison, "VR" sound more lime and sweet. Everything here is a matter of taste but also taking into account the character of the guitar that will receive them. Thus, I prefer my LP Trad 2011 when, on the contrary, the "VR" prevail for my LP Trad 2013 and 2014. Simply because my Traditional 2011 has a particularly soft and warm character and the Brite Wires him brings more teeth, which suits me perfectly.
As always with strings, tests are needed to find the "ultimate" game.
But in absolute terms, this is an excellent game which, moreover, has a very attractive price when ordering bag of 5 (plus two and two Mi If additional gift) in the friend Thomann. In this condition, the unit price falls below € 4, which is simply a case beside which should not happen.
Perhaps the best quality / all makes and models combined price.