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User Review

gibson brite wire on fender well and burns! - Reviews Gibson Brite Wires Electric Strings Set

j 'uses 46 - (36-26-16-11) -9 on my TV and my cobra, and I have not found better, especially in the clear or slightly "hot". I love the rendering on the bridge pickup.
I also have a TA40 (half body humbuckers Aria) and there, the sound is very warm, in a more rock than jazz record.

these strings have helped me considerably down action and settings inning, vibrato, pitch became very simple and take very good agreement.
short I could adjust my guitars really my hand.

I play 5/6 hours a week without fun field (rhythmic, bends etc ...) and they hold up well once, remain homogeneous (allowing to change one by one when a string breaks and not the full game) and not visibly worn frets. life picks is good even for me who am sharp enough.

I think they are to try at least once in his life ...

I have tried many other brands with substantially the same anchors, they are my favorite.

rereading, I find myself excited can be, so I want to clarify that I am not the CEO of Gibson, you never know ...

good gig