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User Review

lolo666's review - Skull Strings Drop Line

I use this kind of string for 6 months on an ESP ninjav Mike Amott, I like the overall flexibility of the strings being tuned in to see IF DO. For one thing against which I do not like is the unfortunate tendency of these strings to do a lot of noise when moving the left hand on the handle and more particularly in palm mute is Extremely unpleasant to the ear, especially saturated fat with good behind it.

I try to GHS Zakk Wylde 10/60 before, and if I remember correctly, I did not have this unpleasant noise. For acute against the ropes are larger (barely) on the Skulls Strings, which is not bad.

Now I hesitate to resume Skulls, only problem: no 36 brands that make the taking of 10/58.