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User Review

musicmac15's review - Skull Strings Standard Line

This is a more than 4 months can I use these chords that I find really great!.
I really wanted a set of strings suitable for tuning to Drop C and I can tell you that I tried (Ernie Ball, GHS ...) and I fell over and I thought "finally made a mark 100% sounds good for burns! (skull and forces on the box).

So I'm going with my pro to get one Thurs He commands (because he does not know the brand so it does not shop) and 3-4 days later I will look at home. Got home I opened the box and takes out the ropes and put them on my guitar.

In the first minutes of games hooks the ropes causing noise. We say "c aula not terrible all this ..." but the strings are so well adapted to the Drop C, so we play. And after a few minutes, the strings all become slippery and there no problem of displacement.

Since this test more than attractive (that means 4 months), I still have not changed strings ---> ca resists rather good! It must be said that the manufacture of ropes, chromium oxide is added to the metal, that is to say that the strings oxidize (but the right way) ---> the strings are coated to chromium oxide that is removed when you scratch the strings is scrapped after use and allowing for increased longévitée.

These are the strings that I find most interrescentes because the price is not Exess (11 euros) and you have to want to break them.

It's all good!