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User Review

evil angels24's review - Dunlop 95Q CryBaby Wah Wah

Whawha analog pedals boost a quip
simple jack connector in / out over PSU.


easier to use it is simple and Paselli switch is no microphone to the activation
the manual and good but useless


the sound quality is first equipped with a spring that reduces the normal pedals you play a normal one just has played with and let go when you want arrter. the sound is terrible nombreusse are whawha and I tried lots of different brand this one literally dgueulle wha is the sound of a power unrivaled I use it with a Start road house up with SH5 seymour in bridge and I can guarantee you when it sends the solos steak


I've had two months and a buddy has a long
the quality is Ingal my taste for a quality price ratio has EXCELLENT voirsur thomann 122 euros