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User Review

Nice features and good price - Reviews Dunlop 95Q CryBaby Wah Wah

People have been wanting a wah pedal that was in between the GCB95 and the 535Q. This is the pedal that Dunlop decided to make. It looks similar to the other pedals, and that's because it is. It is basically a stripped down 535Q. It has the standard on/off switch and housing, but there are two extra knobs on this to adjust the Q and to adjust the overall volume/boost. These two features help make it a very versatile wah without having to shell out the money for the more expensive ones on the market.


Dunlop did a pretty good job with this. The knobs are laid out nicely, and it's easy to see what everything does. There's no need for a manual for this, and to be honest, I never looked at it, so I couldn't tell you how well it is written. They're fairly well known for being quite detailed, though. The pedal itself is housed in a tank of an enclosure. The only problem that ever really occurs with these is a scratchy pot. That happens after years and years of dust/dirt/grime get inside of the pedal. The boost knob on the side of the pedal can be a bit of a pain to hit at times, but it's not a big deal.


The sound is very much like the GCB95 in that it has that standard Crybaby type of sound. However, the added Q knob gives you some extra versatility that you wouldn't normally get from the standard wah pedal. It allows you to adjust the Q frequency to give you some extra versatility. There is a boost feature on this, but if you have a saturated amp, you most likely won't hear much of an actual volume increase. Instead, you'll hear more compression and maybe slightly more gain. That's why the volume feature may or may not be what you're expecting.


This is a pretty good wah pedal, and I recommend it to people who don't want to get the 535Q. I generally believe either the 535Q or the Dimebag wah are the two best wah pedals that Dunlop makes, but if you're looking for something a bit stripped down, try checking this out. Be sure to buy used as they almost never fail.