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Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby

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even you give it to me I will not take

By Megajp, 23/08/2014
Wha effect type, size pedal. 9 V battery accessed by unscrewing the 4 runners. We discover electronics and assembly made in china ... ie from the sea * e !!! I finally Dunlop crybaby who bought the name, everyone thinks it's the pedal Hendrix. This is the story of the fridge and the fridge somehow.


Quite an expensive battery you buy one connects two jack 6.35 and is wha-wha with your foot. It's simple, there is nothing to fix, that is what makes the success of this pedal. It is also why (simplicity) that it is often the first pedal you buy.


At the limit ... it's good. during the first 5 minutes of the stack. After that deteriorates, she lets out a screech when the locks and does not take more than two hours. So if you seek his dirty funky ... but not for two pennies.


I tried to use it for five or six years. It is not reliable.
First criticism, as long as a jack is engaged the battery drains: performance, you do the scales, you will eat and start the concert, more than his; knowing that it is not tru bypass, she got kicked out of the pedalboard more than once at the beginning of the concert.
Other complaint aggression. With a stratovolcano and the neck pickup still happening but with a punchy guitar, it goes in unbearable chirps, short pedal for Fender and Gibson not. For Half boxes naturally prone to feedback, I even speak to you.
Third criticism, she blows and color the sound. When you've got some nice guitars in a nice tube amp, it killing you all. A book so the guitar made in china amps in the same country.
Finally, unsustainable she left me after 4 years with 5 or 6 applications per year. A real treat when it finally falls carafe, then we can look to a true Wha-wha. By studying this effect more closely, we realize that this model is a fraud, a scam for beginners who believes that Jimmy was playing it.
If c 'it again, no, nyet, not! even you give it to me I will not take.

Large dung

By benoi31, 21/05/2014
No possible sound editing.


No possibility of setting ... Not even LED to indicate that the pedal is engaged ...


The sound quality is awful. We have no margin between the two extremes of the pedal, so just a choice between max is hyper loud and shrill and fully raised pedal that gives us a guitar seabed without any dynamic.

I tested on several guitars, several amps, the effect is still terrible and stuck with more buffer pool will dégueulasser your sound.

The sound is poor, without heat, dirty ... Frankly it is used in saturation to make toy in his room for a laugh but it is ...


Frankly, it's been several years that I have this pedal and I never use it ... The sound is loud, you can choose between "submarine" early in the race and "twisted ears" at the end of the race, with nothing in the middle.
The wah itself is unmanageable unless precise to the millimeter ... Moreover, there is no possibility of setting to change that.

In addition, the pedal has a buffer that is just too unbearable and modifies the sound negatively ... Some buffers are good (eg klon that revitalizes sound), but this is bad ...

The only solution is the modder from all sides to change the race and turn the buffer ... Frankly, for much work, so much to buy a proper wah base. Feel free to put a few dollars more for something correct, then it's just terrible. For a more expensive hair you have a very correct vox or dunlop slightly higher and especially usable.

A good little wah!

By ENG152, 05/05/2014
The DUNLOP GCB 95 is also called "CRYBABY Classic". This is the basic frame of almost all the models in which DUNLOP is also often found a PCB stamped "95 CRY BABY GCB."
Mine was a "Revision H" 2006 RED FASEL comprising an inductor, as all present GCB 95.

This may seem surprising for a lot of people. yet it is a verifiable fact on the site of DUNLOP and photos of my model I join this opinion.

The pedal comes in a red and white box that can be read two or three messages praising the qualities of this model presented as the mother of all CRYBABY. There is a short manual, and DUNLOP basta catalog.

Devoid of all refinements of other more expensive models profitants a range effect finely tuned by JIM DUNLOP we shall see that it definitely has nothing to be ashamed of the comparison.

The build quality is decent, the pedal is heavy and we feel that the machine is built for the rigors and last stage. No True Bypass here, just an input and an output guitar, and a jack for AC adapter. The beast can run on 9 volt battery whose location is accessible via a hatch located under the plastic pedal. The hardness of the balance is not adjustable, the race is long enough. It has a great feeling and it is easy to find the "sweet spot". The switch is conveniently dosed and not too likely to trigger or inadvertently disengage the pedal.

The overall impression is very good.


Cry baby has no settings, the trick is knowing where to place it in the effects chain. Note that the absence of True Bypass makes "FUZZ Friendly".

In my case, I have always placed on top of all my stuff there before the FUZZ. I've never used in a loop effect although apparently it happen. The manual is clear, at the same time it was not much to say.


The sound of the GCB 95 is very good, although angry: it is part of wah a little dirty and is packed with character. Perhaps it is this due to the RED FASEL? Sweep is interesting rather long. He used to go low enough for serious and go very high in the treble. Therefore it is ideal for those who are fond of notes screaming.

In his clear, it is not all bad, we had to get these beautiful sounds of singing and vocal characteristics of the 70s, their prosecution of cops and their porn with soundtracks.

With distortion it shines much more from me. I find it even more explosive ...

A Cry Baby versatile and sounds great ...


The lack of true bypass interfere more or less guitarists. For me, the sound loss is sensitive when the GCB 95 is in my effect chain. Disabled, the loss of momentum seems very noticeable, the sound of my guitar is altered which is slightly destabilizing. Now I know many guitarist does not mind at all: we are all more or less hypochondriac after all, right?

Besides some Joe B. has a cry baby in his name on which to disable the True Bypass because he prefers it without ...


I kept this pedal for a little over a year. I enjoyed and I'm used to whenever I need a wah. Unfortunately I could not leave it plugged all the time, its presence is not neutral. I replaced it with a Vox V846 Handwired that satisfies me. But I have fond memories and I can only advise to anyone wishing to provide effective wah, with a very good sound at a reasonable price. For me its performance make it an excellent alternative to the almost entire range CRYBABY often two to three times more expensive and do not offer much more concretely. His only fault is to me the tendency to be a little "Tone Sucker" not respecting the original signal.

I have attached two photos of this opinion of mine, seen from the outside and from the inside with the famous RED FASEL.

A classic

By ricou8312, 29/09/2013
A legendary wha, indestructible.
Crude foundry fuss-mail.


Use could not be more simple, no need to book.


Personal j.adore me sound this pedal is on there must be better, but it suits me fine.


I've had a hell pays!!
The only thing I changed is the way to true bypass, only fault I could blame him.
The manipulation is super simple.
This is a legendary pedal worth.
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