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User Review

A flat! - Reviews Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron

Auto Wha analog look nice at EHX.

A IN A OUT, an input power supply, all true bypass.


General configuration very simple:

-A knob to select the frequency range where the effect is (low, mid or treble).

- A knob to adjust the Q.

- A knob "Drive" which adjusts the sensitivity of the pedal, if it is turned frankly it will apply the effect to everything you play, the less shot, it applies the effect only to the notes that you attack the most.

Indeed very simple to use, the manual is just for form and provide the technical ...


The auto-wah effect is very realistic and convincing, the possibilities are many casually with few adjustments rested.

Big caveats:
On a low-, and unfortunately we can not logically use the effect on the high end, which limits the possibilities. On a guitar that sounds great.

-Every time I activais I had a significant volume boost limiting it to use almost exclusively solo, and that, that really limits the range of possibilities and it is zero. Would it have been too hard to add a knob of Volume?


I use a few months, as well use a Wha Wha classic settings and volume Q, the possibilities are broader, more personality, but hey it forces you to play up sometimes over long passages, c ' is the price to pay for better sound ...

The price / quality ratio is still good, as often with EHX.

I prefer the use of conventional Wha, so no, I would do that choice.