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Q What! - Reviews Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron

Value For Money : Excellent
Analog effect pedal assembly in the United States (New York City). The Micro Q-Tron is an envelope follower filter. The Micro Q-Tron is a direct descendant of the Mini Q-Tron in a smaller package and with a standard power connector.
1 1/4 jack "input jack and 1 1/4" output.
Powered by 9V battery (6F22) provided, with the added face Mike Matthews above, or external 9V via a 5.5 mm cylindrical negative 2.1 x center connector.
Electric intensity measured by myself: 1.48 mA disabled, 2.12 mA and 2.80 mA in active tip.
1 "True Bypass" switch.
1 knob "Drive" to adjust the sensitivity of the effect.
1 knob "Q" to adjust the bandwidth of the filter.
1 selector LP / BP / HP mode to choose the frequency range.
1 red LED activation.
Printed circuit type CMS (SMDs) (see photo in the "Media" tab).
Aluminum housing with four rubber feet.
1 year warranty.


Very easy to use despite the english manual (see the "Media" tab). Also look in the tab "Tutorials & Tips" for translating the manual into French. After that, just turn the 3 buttons to explore the sonic possibilities offered by this box. I have also chosen for its simplicity, I do not like gas plants.
The knobs are very sensitive, suddenly their adjustment range is enormous: from subtle to wild.
It works by 9V unlike Q-Tron and Q-Tron + who are 24 V.
For those wishing to use it on battery: there's no hatch, need to unscrew the bottom.


His colorful and funky guaranteed! This effect, which is not a wah-wah, is highly susceptible to the attack, multiplying all the sounds. It can be easily combined with other effects (overdrive for example).
I use it with a solid body with two single coil pickups. I did a screen test with an archtop but it leaves Larsen, I would have to deepen my research.
One can also note an increase in volume when the effect is activated.


I use it for a month. I have not tried other, I picked it because of different opinions read by here and there.
What I like most: 9 V operation, ease of use and of course sound.
What I like least: the increase in volume when the effect is activated.
Very good quality / price ratio.