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User Review

The UFO - Reviews JEN Wah Fuzz

The pedal has two modes: wah wah wah and distortion


This pedal is very pleasant to use. There is only one thing wrong: I often turn off the wah unintentionally while in comparison, a crybaby you really fully depressed. Perhaps this is due to the age of the machine ...


This is my first wah and that price I could not believe it too but I'm really conquered by the very fact "voice". I used a lot by not cons-wah distortion mode, I found the sound a bit confused, a little too dirty. I therefore used most often in wah mode alone, with the Blackstar HT drive to saturate a bit and there is happiness!


I bought this antiquity (it is 68) in a flea market at 10 € ... I did not know this brand, but I tried the shot, it looks more retro (bakelite, etc.) I liked. I am not convinced by the "dual mode" but it's a very, very good pedal, for me it is a vox or crybaby, and I think she is original in the genre, she typed a sound I do not know if this is the case with other Jen. In short, it was a really good deal ...