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TWA takes over the Wah Rocker production

Totally Wycked Audio decided to reissue the Wah Rocker pedal manufactured by Guyatone until 2013, with updated features.

The TWA Wah Rocker retains the original circuit from the Guyatone WR-3 as well as its threshold and decay controls, but with 4 new controls, the new Wah Rocker is not limited to funk anymore and is more versatile:

  • Range control to adjust the global frequency band that the filter will sweep
  • Output gain control
  • Continuously variable Blend knob
  • Guitar/Bass switch so that the wah pedal can be used with both 6- and 4-string instruments

The Wah Rocker by TWA also includes the proprietary S3 Switch Shortest Send system, a sort of true bypass that uses electronic relays and a mechanical switch and, according to TWA, ensures the shortest possible signal path between the input and output jacks.

The WR-3 Wah Rocker is available in pre-order for the US price of $189, it will be released late-may. You’ll find all the details at

Here are two demos of the prototype with a guitar and a bass: