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Wah good ... only for the case - Reviews Vox V847A Wah-Wah Pedal [2007-Current]

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cf. overall opinion


This is a wah that I have since 2006. If you do not have a chain effect and you interleave between the guitar and amp, the sound is quite acceptable. on the other hand in a pedalboard in gondola or after overdrive, this pedal even cut bouffera treble and once switched on will not make any distortion or fuzz. Therefore, unusable.

Based on this observation, two solutions came to my mind: 1. get rid of as soon as possible, 2. Put your hands in the bowels. I chose the latter and, for that matter, I began all over again because of the poor quality of the original components and the virtual impossibility of mods on the circuit (unless surgeon )
I started reading tutorials (easy, there are everywhere), find a clone PCB high quality (GP Electronics), and then selecting the components most quality possible - within the limits of reasonable inducer Halo knob ICAR, condos Panasonic metal film, Switchcraft jacks open, Carling DPDT switch "long shaft", BC109C transistors, resistors + Royal Ohm trimmers to easily change the sound settings. Attention, it is not easy to get the PCB instead of the previous, because screw locations are not the same as the U.S. model. It was therefore necessary to tinker a little / a lot, but in the end, a few hours on this success are greatly rewarded: First off on the sound of the guitar is finally respected, this is the least of it. Then the switch is much easier to engage, even sitting. Then the sound: it is a very vintage color, but with more "vocal" than Chinese, even on an overdrive well supported (it is not perfect yet with a fuzz but there is no comparison there with initial boiling!). Only downside, the BC109C I generate a lot of breath. In future, I intend therefore to test other transistors, and associate a buffer output to have a better behavior with a fuzz.

Conclusion: If I put a note in the original version, I would put 5/10 to the side of recyclable product, but honestly I can not do better :-)