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Xotic announces a compact Wah Wah pedal

The new Xotic Wah pedal is based on Clyde McCoy’s classic effect, but as always, the brand has added a few twists.

The new Xotic Wah is slightly smaller than the traditional pedals, but that did not stop the manufacturer from adding a few surprises, including four knobs on the side to adjust Bias, Wah-Q, Bass and Treble (+/- 15dB), a pedal stopper and torsion and inside of the pedal are an input gain knob, dip switches for controlling the wah resonance frequency range and a relay bypass switch. A buffer circuit is also included.


The Xotic Wah also features a LED indicator that blinks when the battery level is under 50% (the pedal can also be externally powered, which disables the battery).

The price announced is $295 and the release date is still to be announced. More info at