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This amazing guitar! (L450C)

By Tim Driver, 16/09/2015
I use the guitar primarily for picking, as I dont use a plectrum. However, like everyone, I also need to strum a little. I play up and down the neck in a variety of styles, but this little beauty loves, and I mean loves, playing blues style.

The shape is lovely, once you get used to it. The finish is plain, and IMO much the better for it. It was the neck that I fell in love with: I was in a music shop looking for a slide, and I picked this guitar from the wall to try a slide with. In seconds I was struck by just how much this neck wanted to be played. I had never had that feeling before. Up and down and in and really inspired me. The body is comfortable to hold, much more so than a jumbo or dreadnought. the sound is dark and mature, and has definitely become more so after playing steadily for a couple of years. I own a couple of different guitars, and this has become very much my go to axe.

There are no electronics, but I purchased a simple, cheap, passive pick up and it sounds great going through my ( admittedly very expensive AER ) amplifier. There is just something special about this guitar.

Buy it if you love to play. Buy it if you are a beginner. Buy it if you want something a little different and buy it if you are a pro.

Super rare, "Cort Source Performer , WOW" (Source)

By bob rob, 13/10/2018
Peavey 20w, Jazz Brazil Funk music
Hard to precisely time it since there is no serial anywhere, after a search I would say late 80s early 90s.
Top craft, finishing is uppermost, great amazing acoustic power (not plugged in), tone and balance are superb from top to bottom, the guitar just projects loud crips and beautiful It's definitely a Jazz guitar.
Because of its age "Select by EMG" pickups have a wonderful warm round nice sound, similar to a Gibson PAF 57. For some the output level lightly on the low side might not suit. In that case because of the great sound quality of the EMGs due to aging, and only if you have to, I suggest replacing them with DiMarzio humbuckers from the 80s.For my taste those EMGs mics are just great.
The neck is also perfection and quick, you just cruise up and down and back.
The craft has no cons and on the overall comparison to a Gibson 335 (me playing a red 335 on my cover pic at a NY gig), for a fraction of the money, there's no comparison the Cort is the big winner.
The source performer is not a beginner guitar it's a player guitar.
A rare superb instrument and if you stumble on it, I would suggest to grab it.
Cort never stops impressing me.

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[NAMM] Matthew Bellamy signs a Cort guitar

Published on 12/16/14
Cort will introduce at the NAMM Show 2015 in January the MBC1, Matthew Bellamy’s first commercial model.

New Cort L300V acoustic guitars

Published on 04/10/14

New Cort L300V acoustic guitars

Published on 04/10/14

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