Hey, guys,

I play a Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Tribute with the Gibson P90 Stock Pickup

I want to play pop punk and alternative with this guitar. I have to struggle with the hissing and noise. Therefore I would like to change the pickup. But I like the sound very much and ideally the classic P90 sound will be noticeable.

In my other guitars I have always liked to use Seymour Duncan. That's why I looked here first. My research resulted in the following pickups. Does anyone have experience with these or others? Can anyone recommend pickups to me?

Seymour Duncan P90 STACK https://www.seymourd…product/p90-stack
Seymour Duncan HOT P90 https://www.seymourd…e-product/hot-p90

Bare Knuckle SUPERMASSIVE 90 P90 https://www.bareknuc…0/supermassive-90
Bare Knuckle Stockholm 90 https://www.bareknuc…/p90/stockholm-90

Many thanks in advance!