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Marshall JMD501 Review

16-in-1 Marshall Every guitar player knows Marshall and its cult amp series that has been manufactured for over 40 years now. Sometimes praised, sometimes criticized – everyone has certainly heard about the Marshall Plexi, JMP and JCM800, some of which even became reference products. After the launch of a new all-tube series (JVM), a solid-state series (MGFX) and a tube/solid-state hybrid series (Valvestate), Marshall only lacked a tube/digital hybrid product range. Thanks to its cooperation with Softube (well-known for its software amp simulations), Marshall has now launched the new JMD:1 series entering the semi-digital area. Today, we'll take a deeper look inside the JMD501... read more…

User reviews on Guitars Marshall products

Really Great Amp!! (1923)

By kreepcamp, 02/08/2019
I own it for a couple of month from now, i've use the DSL before and it's kind of the same but even with the same setting it does't sound exacly the same. I do prefer my 1923 but it's not a huge difference. It's kind of a limited run of dsl with a little kick!

Well built with wonderfull distortion (JH-1 The Jackhammer)

By papaki72, 11/02/2019
I am using it to boost some distortion to my guitar on the Marshal Mustang II (v2) amplifier. It does it well! Strong and rich with many ways to shape it up to your taste. Limit the overdrive channel of your amp to a quarter and start cranking up the distortion up to where you like it. It can be smooth and just enough to give some taste of distortion to your clean tone, or loud with a hard bite to make your shredding as angry as ever.
I do not use much its overdrive as I am happy with what my amp gives on it.

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[NAMM] [VIDEO] Marshall Code modeling amplifiers

Published on 01/25/16
A presentation of Marshall Amplification's new Code modeling amps series.

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Heat vent

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Marshall 70's JMP-50 Head

Published on 04/23/13

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