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Perfect! (EVH95SE EVH Wah 35th Anniversary)

By megaslurp, 27/08/2017
So let’s start with the beginning : I got this limited edition pedal for cheaper than the normal edition at thomann.

It really looks particularly good.
The red paint with black stripes looks really great, plus it seems thick so no risk that it eventually goes away.
The pedal seems sturdy, it’s all made of metal and there’s even a rather nice grip on the upside so you don’t slip when pressing it.

Soundwise finally, I consider it sounds exactly as you’d expect from a wah. It remains precise no matter the position.

The 2 small blue LEDs that signal when it’s switched on clearly are a good idea.
No noise when you press the pedal.

Overall, I have only good things to say about it, it even features a true bypass.
No cons that I’ve noted.

5 stars – straight, no chaser!

Good but ... (M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay)

By Linn Sondek, 30/11/2014
Here is the MXR analog delay. The only delay also brand now.
A single acting externally with 3 knobs: the classical "level", "time" and "repetition". A tiny button to activate a chorus, adjustable itself but inside of the pedal, so after removal by a tiny slightly toothed wheel.
No tap tempo here.


Easy to adjust, apart from the chorus since it is necessary to access the inside of the pedal to adjust the level of modulation. The manual is ultimately necessary to indicate the presence of internal setting.
The construction is, as always with MXR, perfect and robust.


This is where the effect does not really suit me. Consider the fact that the highs are really "puffs" of the effect and its clear is, to my taste, a major fault. In addition, the rehearsals are very poorly defined and lack of accuracy quickly becomes tiresome. The sound repetitions takes a rather cheap look and is often limited to a kind of "plop, plop, plop," crushed, which can not satisfy. It is unthinkable to fuel pedal 9v battery because it is absolutely necessary for him to receive a real tension 9v, is a battery only allows very little time; investing in an external power quality is mandatory.
This pedal will satisfy me with low settings to slightly inflate his solo, she becomes akin to a more reverb than a delay.


I have kept so little time that Carbon Copy that in no way satisfied me and yet I'm a fan of MXR effects. At first, I found this fantastic pedal but it lasted only a short time; I quickly went to the obvious defects sas ... I then opted for a Boss DD7 has the merit of clarity and precision of the effect, and even if it is' digital effect, some heat in the preset "analog" I find really successful.
In the end, the price / quality ratio is not good and I certainly do not do it again this choice.

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