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User Review

the concept is good, not achievement. - Reviews SM Pro Audio V-Machine

How long have you been using?
March 2013.

Did you try many other models before buying it?
the host vst are quite expensive (receptor and others), for once in her was the leap.

What feature do you like most?

being able to put some nice soft (for me the keyboard GSi: VB3, zd6)
the size of the insect, can be put on the edge of the keyboard.
the possibility of internal configuration fx send, chain multiple vst.

the least?

ergonomics is really botches the documentation very light (really the impression that you leave with a word written Fend you!)
the product support forum that closes when I bought it. (to see the site of SM audio).
audio input jack 3.5, I think there is room for a real connection.
RAM feeble (the product of 2008 it seems to me therefore I will not tease too)

With experience, you do again this choice?

I think not, I hesitate to take several (one for the instrument and the other for effect), but it must be profitable.